Formula 420 cleaners

If you feel it takes too long to soak the bong overnight and cleanse it with great effort, then congratulations, formula 420 cleaners have arrived. This cleaning solution is the best and the fastest one nowadays.

The formula 420 cleaner is an excellent robust solution containing unique salts. Hence this formula is ten times better than any other alcohol solution, and the scent is far more delightful. In addition to this, its usage is simple and helps in removing stubborn stains instantly.

So in terms of sales and customer reviews, this formula product has ranked at the top of the list. But still, for your satisfaction, I’ve brought this brief information about the formula product along with the features that you must keep in mind while its use.

What are the key features of the formula 420 cleaning solution?

These are some of the main features that make this solution more powerful in terms of use and performance.

Ø  Contains raw salts

The formula 420 cleaners contain raw salt that helps in removing the filthy stains from your bong. As you know, salt is a strong agent that fights well with stains and neutralizes acidity. Thus with the help of raw salt and the other chemical ingredients present in the liquid, you can easily get rid of your dirty bong.

Ø  Abrasive action technology

Works with abrasive cleaning technology, and thus you don’t need to rub your bong with the brushes constantly. Abrasive technology means rubbing or fighting technology; hence you need no extra brush to bring out the adhesive stains of smoke or weed from your bong because this formula 420 cleansing solution is itself enough in this regard.

Ø  Made up of natural ingredients

This incredible cleaner is made up of natural ingredients and hence doesn’t contain any harmful substances. The natural active ingredients attack the heavy dirt accumulated on the glass bong and thus remove all types of stains keeping the bong forever new.

Ø  Easy to use

It is a very simple to use and hassle-free product. Thus, for its proper use, you just have to shake the bottle well to mix the salt and solution. After this, you need to pour the liquid solution into a bong and wait for magic for a few seconds.

Ø  Biodegradable

So as mentioned above that this product is made up of natural substances thus is biodegradable. This formula 420 earth-friendly product neither harms your environment nor your bong. Hence you can use this incredible solution without any health or any other risk.

Formula 420 cleaner specification

Brand name Formula 420
Formula Raw salt
Usage 12 oz per pack
Capacity Soak
Form Liquid solution
Technology Abrasive action technology


How to use formula 420 cleaner solution?

The usage of this formula cleaner is very simple, and it gives quick results, so no more soaking overnight. Thus the stubborn stains from your smoke bong will get removed magically in just a few minutes, but only if you use it properly. So have a look at the points that will help you to use it properly:

  • So before use shake the bottle well so that the salt and liquid get mix properly
  • Now mix the solution of formula 420 cleaner with a small amount of water
  • Thus after this, pour the solution directly into your glass bong
  • This powerful solution will clean your stubborn stains

Hence this strong solution that is biodegradable and environment friendly will clean each corner of your bong. Thus not a single stain will leave behind after its use.


  • Works for glass, Pyrex, ceramic and metals
  • Ten times more effective than any other liquid and alcohol
  • Formula 420 solution clean the bong in few seconds
  • It has the delightful scent
  • Easy to use and simply soaking for few minutes is required


  • Salts crystal can get trapped in bong’s hole
  • Cannot reuse


So guys, if you want all in one multipurpose cleaner for your glass, ceramic, metal and Pyrex material bong, then formula 420 cleaner is the best one. Thus, you can have your clean and clear bongs like the new pieces with accurate use.

Hence, save your money, time, and effort and bring this useful product at home to remove the stubborn stains from the smoke pipes. This product is never harmful at all; thus, you can use it without any health risks. You can also contact me on the online page for further queries. Try it once, and do dm us your kind suggestions.

Thank you!

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