5 Different Ways To Drink Whisky (and Enjoy The Most Out Of It)

According to our customers, drinking whisky is a special kind of activity. And if you’re considering some after hours alcohol delivery, whisky should be on your list. Of course, not many people know how to really enjoy it, which is why we created this article. Below, we share our top 5 different ways to drink whisky and enjoy the most out of it. Let’s see what’s this all about.

#1 Straight

One of the most popular ways to drink whisky is straight. This means you won’t add ice or water. You’ll simply enjoy the beverage as it is. Of course, it takes someone with experience to drink whisky straight since its powerful taste and smell might make it challenging at first. We recommend you choose a whisky blend that has various flavor notes for an improved experience. 

#2 With ice

The popular whisky on the rocks is a good approach if you aim to enjoy the most of it. Most bars serve it as a refreshing drink. And you can achieve the same effect at home. With after hours alcohol delivery, you can get both a qualitative whisky bottle and a fantastic experience. Our pro tip is to use big ice cubes with your whisky.

#3 Tea

Well, a not-so-common way to drink whisky and enjoy the most out of it is to mix it in your tea. This is a popular approach in Asia, but more and more countries around the world are adopting this recipe. Try mixing a Darjeeling tea with whisky. It will soften its flavor, make it more aromatic and lead to an outstanding whisky-drinking experience 

#4 Cocktail

Our favorite way to drink whisky and really enjoy it is by mixing it in a cocktail. The Manhattan or the Whisky Sour are some of the leading cocktails you can serve today. And the best part about this is you can mix and match your favorite cocktail straight at home. 

#5 With water

Did you know that many people prefer adding a couple of drops of water to their whisky? Well, experts say this can only enhance your whisky’s taste and flavors. It softens the alcohol and offers a unique approach to it. Of course, if you’re more of a traditional, you might argue this can ruin the drink completely!

The bottom line

These are our top 5 different ways to drink whisky and enjoy the most of it. We do like enjoying a good drink, especially since the catalog for our after hours alcohol delivery features plenty of drinks. So, you should start enjoying whisky today by trying one or more of the suggestions above.