A Bit of Information With the French Pugs for You

A French Pug is a small animal with a characteristic flattened snout. But what are its characteristics, character and diseases to which it is more predisposed? Let’s get to know this purebred dog best. The French bulldog is recognized as a breed by the FCI, Fédération cynologique internationale. It is considered a perfect companion dog both because of its small size and because of its docile character.

French bulldog: the origins

Most likely, today’s Frenchie Dog derives from the Molosser dogs of the Roman Empire even if it is actually the result of several crosses made in the late 1800s between England and France, when this dog was able to conquer a prominent place as pet given its characteristic appearance and sweet gaze. It is also a relative of the English bulldog with which it shares various physical and character peculiarities.

French bulldog: Characteristics Of The Dog

The French bulldog is a small dog of the Molosser type. Short, compact, muscular and powerful even in its small size, this dog has a head defined brachycephalic which is characterized by a short muzzle, a flattened nose and very particular erect ears similar to those of bats.

The coat color of the French Bulldog can be of various shades: white with black or fawn markings, completely fawn or bringé (fawn with brindle-like streaks). The hair is short and the tail is short. The males have a height between 27 and 35 cm while the females from 24 to 32 cm. As for the weight, the males are around 9 – 14 Kg while the females range from 8 to 13 Kg. In summary, the French bulldog is:

  • A small dog
  • Male height 27-35 cm, height females 24-32 cm
  • Weight males 9-14 kg, weight females 8-13 kg
  • Short and compact body structure
  • Brachycephalic head
  • Short muzzle
  • Flattened nose
  • Bat ears
  • The coat can be of various colors
  • Short hair
  • Short tail

The Character of the French bulldog

The French bulldog is a very lively and sociable dog who immediately becomes attached to the people who take care of them so much that they never want to be separated from them and are also a little jealous. It is therefore a dog that lends itself very well to keeping company even with children, being among other things very playful. Basically he has a good and sweet character even if in some circumstances he can appear particularly stubborn and stubborn and suddenly become a guard dog, especially if his owner is in danger. It is generally an active dog but can also get caught up in moments of laziness. With other dogs he generally gets along well.