BBQs 2u Makes Every Outdoor Party Special

An outdoor party is a break which we all desire. Who likes being cooped up within closed walls after a hectic weekend? The real essence of parties lies in the outdoors. Be it a beach, poolside, or your backyard, outdoor parties are always fun. there is a lot of space, good lighting, the mood is pleasant, songs and everything are just perfect. Except for one thing. 

The barbeque. Usually, you are required to buy barbeques from the restaurant because there is no good barbeque in the market. Well, if that’s your problem then you are in luck. BBQs 2U presents Masterbuilt Gravity series BBQit is a long family of masterpiece barbeque makers, which will take your outdoor parties to the next level. 

The brand was formed with the sole objective of upscaling the outdoor parties, and they are doing their job pretty well. Outdoor parties have never been so fun before. the masterbuilt gravity series consists of the masterbuilt gravity 560, MasterBuilt 800 BBQ and masterbuilt gravity 1050. 

The masterbuilt series is a state-of-the-art barbeque maker, which is the end of all your needs. All of the members of the gravity family come with a digi fan which maintains the temperatures automatically and maintains the optimal temperature for best cooking. You can easily cook, roast, fry and sear in these masterbuilt barbeques.

The gravity 800 has a charcoal hopper that holds up to 10 pounds of charcoal or 16 pounds of briquettes for almost 10 hours. This makes sure that your fire is never running out of fuel. It also comes with a set of freebies which contains an “A” grade 12 restaurant lump wood, 4.5 kg komado joe wood chunks and a box of flamers natural firelighters. 

The special thing about the gravity 800 is that it reaches 225-degree Fahrenheit in just 8 minutes, 450-degree Fahrenheit in just 10 minutes and it takes just 14 minutes to escalate its temperature to 700-degree Fahrenheit. Needless to say, the digi fan maintains the ideal temperature for cooking driving the air at the right places. 

All the members of the gravity family come with a smart digital control panel by which you can easily control the temperature. They are also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. Thus, you can connect your smart device with gravity devices to control it. Also, remember to check out their other products. 

Onni pizza oven was the world’s first outdoor pizza oven. It was built in 2012 with a revolutionary mindset and they have been outshining itself with its new launches. BBQs 2U also sells kamado joe BBQs and Napolean barbecues. If you are organising a big party and expect a huge crowd, then the best choice would be komado joe classic 2 BBQ. 

Their brand is the leader of the market and they render utmost priority to customer service. Buy any piece from them and you will never regret it. 

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