Burlesque casino costumes

Best Casino-Related Costumes to Spend the Carnival in Philadelphia

Carnivals have a long history dating back to the Roman Empire when people would celebrate with music, dancing, and feasting for an entire week. The wearing of costumes makes the festival more attractive.

This year’s carnival in Philadelphia is around the corner, and participants are expected to emulate the old tradition of celebration. It is a time for dancing, feasting, and to crown it, wear your lovely costume. If you love gambling, it is the best time for you to grab your casino-themed costume and head to the carnival. Here are the best casino costumes you can wear:

The poker suit

PA online casino is growing fast, and some of the most played online games are poker, baccarat, and slots online. Wearing a poker costume for the carnival will make an entire difference in your day.

Buy or make a poker suit and make sure the colors shout from top to bottom. Green might be a good choice for the base color. The patterns will be nothing else but the various poker cards. To prove that you are a high roller, accessorize with a luxury watch and a pair of dark shades.

The gambling girl costume

If you want to use your cash wisely for a casino costume, grab a casino girl dress for the carnival. It is a fitting, strapless dress that comes with an attached choker, a petticoat, and a hat. The colors are a mix of bright red which is the most striking color at the slot machines. It has flowing back stipes to match the red. The dress is hemmed with white poker card fabric to pass the message wildly that you are into gambling.

Burlesque casino costumes

These costumes date back to the 1900s and were common with cowboy salons. There are available outfits for both men and women. This is a unique costume that will turn all the attention to you immediately you show up at the carnival.

Casino themed T-shirt

The best way to rock the day is to wear a t-shirt printed with casino themes. It’s a simple dressing that you can wear when traveling to Philadelphia for the carnival. Don’t forget to print the dice, slot machine, poker, baccarat, or other casino games of your choice. If you want something to match, think about silk, joker and card suit, casino hat, king and queen playing card costumes, a dice hat, or card suit suspenders.