Best CHEAP and GENUINE gifts for technology lovers you can buy online

Buying tech-item as gift doesn’t have to be associated with spending too much. If that is your goal, know that this article can help you. Below are some suggestions for best tech gifts for 2021. However, some gifts can be given to anyone, regardless of their relationship with technology.

  1. Play Store gift card

The Play Store is not just an app store. Through the Google store, you can rent movies and buy books / magazines. Besides, apps and games are as varied as possible, meeting the demands of any audience.

  1. Headphone (wired)

It is always good to have a headset on hand. Whether listening to music, podcasts or audios on WhatsApp, this accessory is always useful.

  1. Mini drone

The drone is the kind of product that looks expensive, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can find devices in this category at very attractive prices, as is the case with the option offered here.

  1. Power bank

The cell phone has become our best friend. However, it is useless if you have no battery. To avoid running out of energy, having a power bank on hand is important and very useful in many situations.

  1. Bluetooth speaker

To brighten up the meeting with friends or family reunion, a Bluetooth speaker can be a great ally. If you don’t want to spend a lot on this product, but want to bring a quality device, JBL model fulfills that purpose.

  1. Chrome cast

Chrome cast is one of the most useful products out there. Thanks to it, it is possible to transform a conventional television into a smart TV capable of transmitting content from your smart phone or notebook.

  1. Fire TV Stick

If on the one hand Chrome cast is Google’s solution for mirroring content on TVs, the Fire TV Stick is Amazon’s answer to that need. The highlight of this last product is the addition of a control to interact with the content displayed on the screen.

  1. Wireless PC mouse and keyboard

How about investing in wireless accessories? Only those who have totally got rid of cables know the freedom that it is to be able to use these products completely wireless. Your friend will love it.

  1. SSD

A computer equipped with SSD is a real rocket when compared to a machine with conventional HD. This may not be the cheapest product on the list, but it is certainly one of the most useful.

  1. Mobile Tripod

Sometimes holding your phone in your hand to take the photo is not the best idea. So having a tripod at your disposal can help you make a good photo, especially in the situation where you need to join the crowd and the self-stick will not do.

  1. Sports camera

Anyone who thinks that a sports camera is a dispensable product is wrong. Many think that it can be easily replaced by a cell phone, but it is very practical to have a device like this to capture your adventures or more insane moments.

  1. Smart band

A smart band is that kind of product that you only know you need after you have one. With this accessory, it is possible to follow a series of day-to-day parameters, such as number of steps, distance covered and calories expended.

  1. Virtual reality glasses

Virtual reality glasses are a very cool gift alternative for technology lovers, as they are part of the sector’s innovations. For those who like games, it will be something really appreciated and worth the investment.

  1. Electric mug

This is a gift that combines practicality and innovation. The electric mug is perfect for those people who value every minute of their day. It has a vehicular cable to keep tea or coffee warm when the person is traveling.