Can You Transport Your Boat Safely by Road?

If you want to transport your boat through road transport then you need to make careful planning. You need to consider every detail in the interest of the boat owner as well as the transport service companies that will be carrying the boat.

Usually, boat transport companies may not prepare the boats for transport. Typically, boatyard personnel and marinas prepare yachts and boats for transport and allow their people to prepare boats.

Ship a Car, Inc. is having necessary experience of yacht transport by road, and by taking their service, you can transport your boat safely and efficiently. The transport team of SAC can offer you necessary service at quite an affordable price, irrespective of wherever you want to transport your yacht.

The following are a few tips to transport your boat through road transport:

1.    Find a specialist for boat transportation

It is necessary to search for a suitable shipper who has enough experience and specialization in transporting boats. Make sure that the company has necessary license for transporting boats.

You may also try to know the history of the company and also read reviews about them before choosing. Also, learn about their terms and conditions.

2.    Measure your boat for finding the right transport

When you are requesting a quote from any transporter then you must properly specify the dimension of your boat that you are planning to ship. All the dimensions like the overall height, length, and width of the boat are very important.

This will help the transport provider to decide how they can suitably fit your boat in their trailer.


3.    Prepare your boat for shipping

Usually, most of the insurance claim comes because of inadequate preparation. You must consider that the boat has to travel on the highway and experience the vibrations of the roads.

You may hire a marine surveyor while loading your boat on the trailer as they have got proper knowledge about load points. Also, they can properly document the damages.

4.    Inspect properly inside the boat

All items that are fitted inside the cabin must be carefully inspected to ensure that they are all securely fitted including hatches. Check that all locker doors are locked and well-secured.

All the items on the deck must be lashed down securely. Usually, the driver will not have a key, hence any loose items can cause damage. So, you must lock your cabin and also keep the key.

5.    Outside the boat

Remove all the electronics fitted outside like:

  • Radar
  • Radar arches
  • Horns
  • Hailers
  • Antennas
  • Flag masts,
  • Propellers
  • Windshields
  • Lights
  • Anchor lights

Pack and store these items securely as the carrier will not take any responsibility if any damage occurs to them due to vibration.

6.    Properly document if anything goes wrong

As a boat owner, it will be your responsibility to document properly if any damage occurs during their arrival and unloading. Do not allow any trucker to leave without acknowledging the details in writing.

Take more photos as it can also help in your case while dealing with your insurance company.