Claim Justice Review — Should You Work with This Company?

Claim Justice review

Just a decade ago, crypto scams were rare stories that were usually just swept under the rug by the crypto community. Today, companies like Claim Justice can be extremely successful due to the proliferation of various scammers on social media platforms. Claim Justice is a specialized agency that focuses on recovering money lost to crypto scammers. Read this Claim Justice review if you want to solve your problems.

One of the worst things about crypto becoming a part of the mainstream is that more people who are not sufficiently informed about the technology become victims of scammers who prey on those who can be manipulated. While some think that there is no way that they can be manipulated, you have to remember that scammers do not waste time on those who do not fall for promises of becoming rich overnight or escaping poverty.

Yes, struggling middle-class households and people living from paycheck to paycheck are those who often become victims despite being educated and smart in general. When you are presented with a lucrative investment opportunity or hear about a chance of investing in something that you constantly hear about on social media, you start doubting your resolutions and often give up under pressure from scammers who use all kinds of psychological tricks to get your money!

Claim Justice privacy policy

Irresponsible sharing of personal information is one of the ways a crypto scammer can get your money. After being exploited by such bad actors, many people become weary about giving up their sensitive data under any circumstances. However, you can trust Claim Justice with your data.

The company uses SSL encryption to protect any data exchanged between users and the website to ensure that no one can spy on you. The online infrastructure is protected by other measures including antimalware and antiviral software, database encryption, and more.

If you read the privacy policy, you will see that the company gathers information relevant to the case in question and nothing more. Even the data gathered by cookie files are used only to provide a better service and improve the product of the company. Claim Justice never shares your sensitive information with third parties or business partners.

Claim Justice pricing

One of the biggest questions about the service is the price of the investigation and the following negotiation with the scammer. Claim Justice cannot put a price tag on every service since each case has its nuances and unique challenges. While prices are kept in defined ranges, you will receive an exact preliminary quote only after talking to a specialist.

The price is always much lower compared to the amount of money the company can recover. Note that any additional expenses that occurred during the investigation will be subtracted from the money extracted from the scammer.

Claim Justice transparency

The company focuses strongly on providing a transparent and reliable service that can be considered trustworthy. To ensure that clients are always updated about the current state of affairs in the investigation process, the company sends you detailed reports periodically. You will be informed about every step made by Claim Justice.

All bills are also detailed and have explanations of all positions so that clients can easily understand what they are paying for.

Claim Justice’s approach

The company uses a variety of traditional and unconventional methods of conducting online research. Thanks to their unorthodox investigative procedures, specialists of Claim Justice can be successful where law enforcement organizations and competitors fail.

Clients are interviewed to gather information. Then, the company collects evidence to ensure that they have enough to pressure the scammer. The last step is identifying and tracking down the criminal by using contemporary data analysis and other grayish methods of online research.


If you were scammed by someone pretending to be a crypto broker or a representative of a crypto company, you can always count on Claim Justice scam recovery agency. While the company never promises a 100% chance of success, it can help people more often than not!