Create your own wedding invitations ideas

Are you going to get married? Congratulations you can easily make your own wedding invitations. With a collection of over 1000 wedding cards, there is a perfect wedding card for everyone. Choose one of the 5 papers to match your wedding invitation. Use card maker to create your wedding invitations and request a free proof right away. Are you curious about collection of beautiful wedding invitations? Then quickly see which card suits you best. Choosing the wedding invitations ideas is the perfect option here.

Create Wedding Invitations

Announce your wedding day with one of our wedding invitations. Your wedding day is a special event that you only experience once in your life. If you say “yes” you want all your loved ones to be there and so the wedding day already starts with the making of the wedding cards.

With the wedding invitation you give your guests a first impression of how the wedding day will go. The theme of the wedding can be reflected on the card. This way your guests can already taste a bit of atmosphere.

All wedding invitations are made with love. Experienced designers have designed the most beautiful wedding invitations especially for you. You can adapt every wedding card to your own style and wishes. This way, every wedding card is personal and unique. In our card maker you can make your perfect and original wedding cards with the greatest care.

Create & Send Wedding Cards

  • Choose a wedding card from online collection or start with your own design.
  • Customize the invitation design.
  • Add your personal text.
  • Choose a luxury paper type that matches your design.
  • Have your cards delivered to your home as a package or sent directly to the recipients.

TIP: Request a free sample first. This way you can be sure that your card will be perfect.

How Can I Make & Order Wedding Cards?

Making wedding cards yourself is very simple and works as follows:

  • Find a wedding card collection or start with your own design
  • Choose your map and click on “edit map”
  • Personalize the card by adding photos, figures or a background
  • Add your personal text
  • Request a free sample
  • Choose a luxury paper type, envelope color and seal that matches your design

Then order your wedding cards and have them delivered as a package or sent directly to the recipients.

When Should I Order My Wedding Cards?

Wedding invitations are sent about 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding. This way everyone has enough time to reserve a spot in their agenda. If you are getting married during the summer holidays, send your cards at least 8 weeks in advance. So here are your options for getting affordable wedding invitations.