Fendi Bag: Here’s How To Choose A Fendi Bag That Is Perfect For You

Fashion designers across the globe unanimously opine that the only two must-have fashion accessories are sunglasses and handbags – both – the bigger, the better. So, when it comes to rocking the latest fashion trends, Fendi bags will always have your back (read bag!). 

Here is a list of things you must consider while choosing the perfect Fendi bag:

Determine the occasion

Every bag demands certain attention. That said, you cannot carry a clutch to the office and you can’t rock a cocktail party with a laptop bag. Hence, it is important to determine exactly where you are carrying your bag – to your office, to a special occasion, a casual day out, etc. While an oversized Fendi bag tote will fit in all your office stationery, the crossbody sling will accommodate your essentials for the evening chill session with friends, and so on.

Consider your body shape

Similar to checking the length and fit of your dresses to suit your body type, there is a suitable Fendi bag for every body shape. The basic handbag rule is to carry a Fendi bag that is the exact opposite shape of your body. 

So, if you have an immaculately tall and sleek build, the color-block baguette will add finesse to your look. If you happen to be plus size, you can check out a Fendi bag that’s structured and shaped more than usual shoulder bags to glam up your look.

Finalize a budget

Often overlooked and the most important decision is to finalize a budget before you purchase the right Fendi bag for yourself. Since Fendi boasts of the ultimate collection of trendy bags, you can decide whether your purchase falls under a set price range or you’re willing to splurge on quality. Both ways, you’re a winner!

Usage duration

Not a practical joke, you must thoughtfully consider how long you are going to use the Fendi bag. If you plan on using it daily, you can check for a sturdier build like a large Fendi tote, and if occasional events are your cup of tea, then you’d need a stylish micro crossbody bag.

Vibe check

If you do a vibe check with your best people, why won’t you do that with your favorite Fendi bag? Every person has a dominant aura, mood, or an overall vibe – an old-school romantic stuck in the digital age, or an alien from the future waiting to board the space capsule – you can be anything. 

No matter what, the Fendi bag has got you covered with its unique collection that vibes with all your personalities. If you are an antique lover, you can choose from the Fendi bag’s soothing range of neutrals like beige, olive, pastel pink, etc., but if you prefer a riot of colors, you can purchase navy, reds, yellow, and even prints.

After you have made your final considerations of the above-listed elements to get your Fendi bag, you can zero in on these suiting every occasion you are getting dressed for:

  • Daily routine: Choose a short and structured hobo bag if you happen to be plus-sized. If you are blessed with a tall, sleek body, choose a clutch. If you are flaunting a pear-shaped body, you can opt for shoulder bags with long straps. Similarly, choose a medium-sized tote if you are in between tall and well-built.
  • Special occasion:  For special occasions, baguettes and clutches having bling and prints from the Fendi bag collection work the best. Since these events and occasions do not demand functionally big bags, one can amp up their glam look with the smallest bags that have just enough space for your phone, money wallet, and go-to makeup to add to your touch-ups.

In a world where you can be anything, let a Fendi bag make you stylish. Check out the perfect one based on your mood to intimidate, impress, or simply communicate with your guests for the day.