Have You Fallen Victim to a Car Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault? You’ll Need to be Compensated as Soon as Possible!

Were you aware that car accidents are one of the most common causes of severe to fatal accidents in South Florida? Sadly, this is because a large percentage of drivers on the road knowingly fail to uphold their duty of driving in a responsible manner. The truth of the matter is that many drivers either operate their vehicles in a reckless, negligent, or urgent manner. The lack of empathy and consideration with the rest of the population is what leads to a massive collision, severe injuries, and even death!

Sadly, if this has already happened to you, you shall notice the inevitable reality that your car accident will bring you an unbearable quantity of financial, mental, and physical complexities that can seriously deteriorate your quality of life for the worse. We will not lie to you, you may even feel like your loss of income, injuries, and emotional anguish may leave you without any solutions. Despite those emotions, we would like to remind you that all hope is not lost. There are solutions, and we are here to tell you that they are.

First and foremost, we will inform you that to deal with these issues, you will have to seek the services of the best car accident lawyer. This type of legal expert will advise you on how to proceed with your injury case. They will ease your troubles because they are the only ones who can protect your rights and deliver you the compensation you are entitled to receive. So, we kindly urge you to stick along throughout this article because we’ll talk about the legal parameters of a car accident in Florida and how the best car accident lawyer can help you with your case. Let’s begin!

Automobile Accidents in the State of Florida are a Daily Thing!

It is no surprise to anyone that one of the most influential causes of automobile accidents is reckless driving. When there’s a car accident caused by a party at-fault, it is important to remember that it’s a situation where the individual deliberately chooses to disobey safety measures and traffic mandates. Therefore, the party at-fault has to be held accountable for their actions because of a lack of regard for rules, safety, and consideration towards others.

The issue at hand is that reckless driving encompasses various offenses and not just one. Things like speeding, driving under the influence, emotional driving, and listening to music at a high volume.

In terms of driving under the influence, individuals who opt to drive drunk or high on any illegal substance in the State of Florida contribute the gruesome figure which states that 14 people lose their lives per day due to inebriated driving incidents.

On a national level, 2 million people are injured and 32,000 people are killed each year from motor vehicle collisions. When considering population figures, and a number of registered vehicles in the country, the United States has ranked negatively in comparison to other high-income nations when dealing with collision deaths.

Sadly, the State of Florida is one of the most influential states that push forward the country’s crash statistics and caused the U.S to underperform against other nations that have enacted policies such as seat belt laws, and impose lower allowable limits of blood alcohol levels.

Tips for the aftermath of the collision at the scene crash!

In this space, we will always emphasize and will always remind our readers about the importance of always placing their health above everything else. We say this because we have seen cases where the victim becomes enraged, and confronts the party at-fault while disregarding their injuries due to the adrenaline racing through their system.

It is important to state that doing this is a mistake and could end up hurting your health and injury claim. That is why, if you are able to move and are fully conscious, you must call for medical attention even if your injuries do not seem severe. Having said that, try to stay calm and do not lose your temper, and wait for the authorities to arrive on the scene.

We have highlighted the aspect of keeping your “cool.” Why? Because an important portion of your chances of having a successful injury claim will depend on the information you gather at the accident scene. Having said that, make sure that you obtain the other party’s date of birth, insurance company representatives, first and last name, including the license plate number.

As soon as you have the information in your hands, do not forget to take pictures of the totality of the accident scene. We’re talking about photographs of your injuries and property damage. These things will count as evidence in your injury case and will elevate the chances of your success if it is proven down the road that the driver acted in a reckless manner, your settlement will be even higher.

What are the advantages of hiring the best car accident lawyer?

We’d like to begin this section by mentioning that your car accident attorney will meticulously listen to the facts that happened to you at the scene of the accident throughout your first meeting.

If you believe that there is a mutual connection between you and your injury attorney, then it will be time to move forward with your case. It is essential that you attain justice for your pain and suffering and your car accident lawyer will be able to deliver it.

If so, the best car accident lawyer in Florida will be able to transform the evidence you’ve gathered, plus their own, and morph it into a compelling case that truly exemplifies the violations of your rights. When delving into these factors, your car accident will do more of the following:

  • Questioning the party at fault,

  • Asking for toxicology reports of those involved in the crash,

  • Gathering factual evidence,

  • Receiving statements from eye-witnesses.

Equally as important, the best accident attorney in Florida will convincingly add monetary value to your financial, physical, and emotional damages. This means that your injury attorney assesses factors like:

  • Incoming medical bills,

  • Loss of income due to inability to work,

  • Recovery costs.

All of those factors will make up the substance of your personal injury accident claim and will bolster the size of your monetary settlement. Furthermore, your injury attorney will also make sure to act as your voice in representation, he or she will make sure to guide you when dealing with legal paperwork, insurance representatives, and representation in the courtroom if need be.

The Solution is in Your Hands!

Remember friends, the best car accident lawyer will permit you to receive the compensation that you are entitled to have. By having a legal expert on your side, your rights will be protected and those responsible will be always held accountable. Get in contact with one now!