How a Fitness Management Software can Help You Keep a Pulse on Your Gym 

Whether you’re setting up a new gym or taking the leap into the digital world, often a question which comes to the mind of gym owners and managers is that “How exactly would a fitness studio management software allow me to keep a tab on my operations?” In this post, we will try to answer your query by indicating how a gym and fitness studio management software can provide you with data of your basic business metrics in just a few clicks. 

Member Retention Ratio

It is needless to say that your gym is as good as the number of members it enrolls. While member enrollment is just one aspect, perhaps what is more important is to understand how good the gym is in retaining existing members. While the attrition rate will never go down to zero, the aim is to bring it to a negligible figure. In just about a few clicks, a fitness studio management software will analyze the member enrollment data to show up monthly, quarterly and annual membership retention ratio and also indicate the trend of the ratio. 

Customer Feedback

There is one way to follow up with each and every client to obtain feedback on the services, and classes being offered. There is an alternative way of deploying a software which will automatically identify the clients and send them relevant Google forms to collect feedback. The feedback thus received can be easily analyzed to understand where the gym can improve its offerings and do course correction. Since the data is being collected by software, it is easy to analyze the same by running specific keyword searches to indicate the number of similar responses. By using the software you can also choose to send periodic anonymous surveys to your clients and obtain feedback on what more offerings they would like to see in the gym. 

Member Attendance & Staff Attendance

A gym is as good as the number of members who actively show up. The gym may have enrolled a few hundred members, but how many such members are active? Obtain daily log sheets to ascertain the real time member strength at the gym. Similarly, the software can assist you in keeping a tab on the attendance of your staff. With the log-in and log out time being recorded in the system, you can run error free payrolls. 

Business Ratios

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a deploying a fitness studio management software is that it shows you the real time financial health of the business. Reports such as daily sales, revenue from specific classes, upcoming membership dues, weekly, and monthly cash flow statements can be obtained anytime anywhere. Top fitness studio software go beyond the basics do the relevant accounting entries for every invoice that is generated and payment that is received. No longer do you have to spend hours in book keeping and compute the metrics. In just a few clicks you can obtain crucial business information such as RoI, & RoCE. 

Mentioned above are just a few important information which you can easily obtain from the fitness studio management software. For more details, on why your business needs a gym and fitness studio management software we recommend reading our blog post “Benefits of Fitness Management Software”. Some of the renowned top names in software market such as Zenoti, RhinoFit, VirtuaGym and Wellyx and come with a host of features. Businesses that have chosen to deploy Zenoti’s gym and fitness studio management software have reported key improvement in business metrics. Since the software automates almost all of the administrative task, the owners and the managers have enough time to focus on the strategy and sales.