How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

We all know the long-term effects of shaving, waxing and plucking hair can be quite harmful to our skin. But do you ever think about how much money you are spending on laser hair removal? Do you worry it may not last as long as promised or advertised?

Well, stop worrying! Here are 5 reasons why laser hair removal will last longer than you’d think.

– Cleanliness

If anything, the biggest reason laser hair removal lasts long is because clean heat is used to remove your hair. If waxed, plucked or shaved when not necessarily needed, bacteria will grow in the pores and follicles of our skin causing possible infection. However, when using lasers to remove hair, clean heat is used so dirt and bacteria are not able to build up.

– The power of light

Laser hair removal lasers are more effective the less dense your hair follicles are. Hair follicles that have previously been plucked or waxed will result in a much quicker process when removing the same hairs again with laser hair removal.


Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a technology used in laser hair removal that helps to disable the hair follicle so that it cannot produce another hair. When this technology is used, you will experience less regrowth and a longer lasting result from your laser hair removal treatment.

– The cycle of hair growth

It is important to remember that laser hair removal works by disabling the hair follicle while it is in its active growth phase. This means that not all hairs on your body will be treated at the same time, but over a period of time as new hairs grow in.

– Genetics

Just like some people are blessed with good genes and others are not, the same applies for hair growth. Some people are just blessed with slower hair growth cycles and will therefore require less treatments than others. But don’t worry – laser hair removal is still a great option for those with fast-growing hair!