How to Setup Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting is a business where you purchase a reseller account that offers resources like bandwidth, disk space, etc., create hosting packages, and sell them to your clients. In recent years, with an increase in the number of websites being launched, there has been a surge in demand for web hosting services. This has created an opportunity for Hosting Resellers to make profits and establish themselves in the market. 

While you can choose between a Windows and Linux Reseller Hosting plan based on your needs, cPanel Reseller Hosting on the open-source Linux OD is preferred by many resellers. If you have been thinking of starting a Reseller Hosting services business, here is a quick guide to help you set it up.

  • Define Your Niche

The web hosting market is competitive. Hence, if you want to compete with the larger hosting companies, you need to focus your resources on a smaller market segment. Therefore, define your niche and study it well before starting your business.

  • Analyze Competition

Hosting companies and resellers cater to all market segments. Hence, once you identify your niche, make sure that you analyze the web hosting services currently offered to them. This can help you identify pain areas and costs to create a business plan that works.

  • Pick a Reseller Hosting Provider Carefully

As a reseller, the performance of your plans will depend on the parent company. Hence, it is important to remember to choose a Reseller Hosting provider carefully. Also, make sure to carefully research the market and compare plans and providers before buying.

  • Look at the Control Panel Offered

When you start a Reseller Hosting business, you will need to manage multiple clients. A control panel is an important tool that makes client management easier. With Linux plans, cPanel is preferred by most users. However, there are various other control panels available. Make sure that you understand the features of the control panel before finalizing.

  • Server Management

Reseller plans are available in managed and unmanaged variants. If you are not a technical expert, then opting for a managed plan is recommended since the hosting company takes care of the server management tasks. 

  • Billing Tools

Billing is another essential aspect of the Reseller Hosting business. There are various applications offering billing solutions to resellers. Of these, Web Host Manager Complete Solutions (WHMCS) is preferred by many resellers. Ensure that you use an efficient billing application for your business.

  • Create Hosting Packages

With all these things in place, you can start creating hosting packages. Make sure that you keep the requirements of your target clients in mind. You can also seek additional technical assistance if needed to create them.

Summing Up

As you can see, you can start a Reseller Hosting business with minimal cost and effort. If you keep the points mentioned above in mind and create a business plan, then you can get started in no time. You can also ensure that the parent company offers white label support to help you create a brand and sell web hosting. Good Luck!