How to size your dog for a coat this winter

To measure a dog’s for a new coat, you only need a soft measuring tape and possibly a dog leash to keep the dog in the best possible position during the measurement. Dog coats are selected based on two types of measurements: back length and body circumference. For representative measurements, you must ensure that your dog is standing. When they sit, their weight shifts down and (depending on the dog) can cause inaccurate measurements.

Measuring the dog’s back
To measure the dog’s back, place the beginning of the measuring tape on the dog’s neck and measure to the base of its tail. Take this measurement in centimeters.

Measuring the dog’s upper body
To determine the size of the dog’s chest, wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of the dog’s chest. Take this measurement in centimeters.

What size should I have my dog?
The length of the back is the biggest deciding factor when looking for the right coat for a dog. Once you have received your dog’s back, you can use our chart below to assess whether the corresponding chest size is appropriate. All of our dog coats are adjustable, so if your dog is just inches up in the next size up, you can still ensure a good fit.

Dog Coats
Most dog clothing companies offer dogs in sizes S-XL. Sizes are measured in centimeters and increase every 10 cm. Dog coats are generally adjustable around the body but cannot be stretched lengthwise, so it is important to choose the correct back length to check that the body size is right for your dog before proceeding. If you are considering buying a dog harness instead of a coat, all you have to do is measure your dog’s chest.

To ensure comfort and a tight fit, we designed our dog hood with a hook-and-loop fastener. This also means you can still fit your dog’s coat if they are between different sizes, or allow for extra padding if you want to put your dog under a sweater. For more information on sizing please visit