Is Leasing A BMW As Easy and Cost-Effective As It Sounds?

Owning a BMW and driving it on the road is an experience that remains a dream for many. Only a few lucky ones get to fulfill this dream. The expense of owning a brand new BNW and the cost of maintenance is something not everyone can afford. However, that does not mean that your dream of driving a BMW should end here. Alternatively, you can switch to driving electric car and rely on a generator rather than spending money on fuel. You can find out more generators for rent at

Most of the BMWs that you can see driving past you are generally not owned. Yes, you heard that right. Most of them are leased because leasing is generally an easier and cost-effective process that many use to drive their dream luxury cars.

Leasing a luxury car is just like borrowing it at a price that you have to pay monthly. You have to return the car after the lease period is over unless your agreement allows for a purchase. However, there is a catch here. As a beginner, you could get easily fooled by the pricing system that is set in place. This is where a lease dealer plays an important role.

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Why is leasing better than buying?

  • Cost-effectiveness:

  • Even when you cannot afford to purchase a brand new BMW, you can lease this luxury car at much lower monthly payments.
  • The warranty provided with the lease agreement covers all the necessary repairs.
  • Therefore, you need not arrange for out-of-pocket expenses apart from routine maintenance services.
  • Monthly payments are also smaller when compared to financing because lease cost is calculated on depreciation value and not on the overall price of the car.
  • You can even show it in your tax record as a business expense.
  • Easy to upgrade to new models:

  • When the lease period is over which is usually 36 months, you can easily lease a new upgraded model of the car.
  • You can even choose to lease a different luxury car altogether.
  • Thus, you can get to live the experience of driving whatever latest luxury vehicle you want to without having to purchase each of them.
  • Covers the depreciation cost:

  • The value of BMW depreciates very quickly.
  • This is why BMW can be leased at a much lower cost when compared to the cost of financing the vehicle to purchase it.

The only con that we can see here is that you cannot modify the vehicle interiors as per your preference, you cannot add any new technology or upgrade the existing ones, and you will have to return the luxury car after the end of the lease period.

Another restriction that a lease contract can bring is that it sets certain mileage restrictions on total travel during the lease period. This is not the case when you purchase your vehicle.

Make a decision based on your present-day situation and enjoy riding your own BMW car.