Kuwait: An Unconventional Gulf Nation

Kuwait is one of the tiniest countries in the world in terms of geological area. Kuwait consists only ten islands with an area of 330 square mile. The capital Kuwait City is located on Kuwait Bay, a deep-water harbour. Kuwait is officially referred as the “state of Kuwait”. This middle eastern nation is one of the wealthiest countries in the world with sky kissing, high rises, arresting architecture, stunning sea water and an expensive coastline. In the resorts in Kuwait, modern style meets the classic Arabian hospitality with comfortable rooms, modern conveniences, fine dining, etc.

Top 10 family spots in Kuwait:

  1. Kuwait City: The capital of Kuwait is the Kuwait City. The Kuwait City has bundle of attractions. Topographically it is the heart of Kuwait.  Kuwait City represents the essence of the gulf nation. Mosques, malls, skyscrapers, museums, hotels etc are the attractions of Kuwait City.
  2. Al Kout Beach: Kuwait is jewelled with a scenically beautiful coastline. The deep blue waters, white sand make beaches pristine. Al Kout is one of the most crowded beaches in Kuwait. The beach offers separate place for sunbath, water sports, cafes, restaurants and so on.
  3. House of Mirrors:  Inspite of being a private property the House of Mirrors situated in Qadsiya, is a most sought-after places to be visited in Kuwait. This house belongs to Lidia Al Qattan an Italian born artist and her family. The visits to the House of Mirrors are only on appointment basis though the hosts are warm and friendly. The array of mirrors and the unique beauty of the artwork is exhibited on the exterior walls and the interior of the house is completely decorated with pieces of mirrors. Every nook and corner of this house is designed with mirrors.
  4. Kuwait Tower: A combination of traditional Islamic design with advanced modern architecture the Kuwait Tower which is actually a group of three towers situated in Dasmani offers a splendid bird’s eye view of the city. The main tower has cafes, restaurants, community halls, etc.
  5. Grand Mosque: The Grand Mosque is the largest mosque of Kuwait familiar for its mammoth sizes which has the capacity of 10-12 thousand people. The Persian structural designed pointed arches, pillar arcades make it unique with its blue and gold combination.
  6. Cobar Island: Enriched with beautiful coral and crystal ear sea water Cobar Island attracts the relaxing visitors during the vacations. It is famous for scuba diving. An enjoyable place to visit for fun.
  7. 360 Mall:  360 mall is one of the most known, elegant malls in the middle east region. It is a highly eco-friendly place where the electricity is been generated from the solar garden installed in the mall. More than twenty thousand plants and saplings grown in the mall to essay the role of bio filter of the surrounding area.
  8. Salmiya:  An oasis for the shoppers, Salmiya provides innumerable counters to shop with plenty of malls and local huts. From Kuwaiti sweets to handcrafted ornaments, traditional clay pots and plenty of things can be found here.
  9. Souk- Al- Mubarakiya:  Souk- Al- Mubarakiya in Kuwait City needed to be mentioned separately. It is one of the most original marketplaces of the country where a person a buy souvenirs, dried fruits, jewellery even made in China, made in India products.
  10. Al Ahmadi: One of the wealthiest cities in Kuwait, Al Ahmadi is renowned for Kuwait’s oil field. This city in fact is the first of the lot to produce oil field in this country. The country’s per capita income is determined by the city.

Kuwait despite being a gulf country, flows with fuel economy made it individual with its differentiating characteristics. It can be encountered that the warmness in the hospitality of Kuwait and Oman stand more towering than any of its neighbouring country. The hotel in Oman can be a nice choice for you too.