Military Hairstyles For Men

Still have no idea how to refresh your look and be more solid? There is an alternative for you – a military haircut. But before going to a barbershop determine all advantages and disadvantages.

The Origin of military hairstyle is usually connected with the war of North and South States of America. Short and in the meanwhile practical haircuts have become a real salvation for soldiers from head lice. But time changes and some tendencies are updated by other ones in barbershop on Manhattan.

Now military haircuts are in demand all over the world, and are distinguished with their short length, practicality and versatility. They don’t even require special care, it’s only necessary to see a barber from time to time.

There are many military haircuts, and they are widely used in many countries. Although now they are no longer dictated by necessity, many men, and not only the military ones, prefer such hairstyles in peacetime. It is well-kept and convenient.

Crew cut, one of the most popular military haircuts, is perfect for men with short and spiky hair. If your hair is thin and sparse, then this hairstyle is not your option. It does not need to be styled.

Flattop is also called “high and tight”. Hair in the case of such a haircut forms a kind of platform, the temples and the back of the head are shaved clean. It is performed only on thick, coarse straight hair, requiring regular correction by the barber. Flattop is recommended for men with a round, square, regular oval shape of the face, focusing on external flaws.

The universal hairstyle has no contraindications except for the irregular shape of the skull. One of the most popular haircuts around the world is worn by young guys and mature men. Active people will appreciate its benefits: this sort of haircut does not require styling, specific care, except for shampooing and correction at the barber. Besides, it emphasizes strength, masculinity, strong-willed character.

Why do men choose military-style hairstyles very often? No styling is required, which is very convenient – just rinse your hair, and the image is ready. Hair care needs minimal – even if you have no time to wash your hair, due to the short hair length, it will not be very noticeable. The solution is as versatile as possible – it is suitable not only for representatives of certain professions, but also for office employees.

There are no difficulties in performing a male military hairstyle – it takes about 30 minutes, only scissors and a hairclipper are needed as tools. You can do it by yourself at home. Considering features of appearance, imperfections in the shape of the skull, it is better to entrust the first haircut to a professional. The barber will select the best option for correcting your appearance.

A haircut for men of marginal growth does not always go – military hairstyles in most cases make them squat, and not masculine. Military haircuts are ideal for athletic men who lead an active lifestyle. But everyone can try.

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