Most Common Packaging Design Mistakes

Packaging plays an instrumental role in the retail space. Not only does good packaging help businesses differentiate themselves from the competitors, but it also attracts customers. When viewing packaging design, customers’ brains are impacted, and a poor design will negatively impact them. Customers will not buy something they feel bad about, which is why you should be concerned about your packaging design.

That is why you need to partner with experienced packaging services providers like TopPop Packaging and avoid the following mistakes if you are doing your packaging.

  • Packaging that limits access

Most companies end up overpackaging or having packaging that is hard to open to keep the products protected. Unfortunately, packaging that is impossible to open does more harm than good. Do not package in a way that will inconvenience your customers lest you will end up receiving a lot of complaints and missing out on repeat sales. 

Provide secure packaging that is also easy to access.

  1. Misrepresentation

While it might be tempting to give customers information that will make them eager to buy your products, avoid gimmicks. 

One of the mistakes some businesses make with their packaging design is a misrepresentation, whereby they tell customers their products can do more than they do.

Misleading customers can get you a quick sale, but it will ruin your brand in the long run. 

There are many ways that packaging can offer misleading information. A good example is having packaging that makes a product look larger than it is. 

Deceptive packaging can also manifest through the packaging of inferior quality products, shrinking the products in small sizes, or packaging a lower quantity than promised. 

Be honest with your customers to avoid this costly mistake. It is best to set realistic expectations with your customers to create a user experience they are happy about.

  1. Errors

Packaging errors can ruin your customers’ user experience and lead to many returns, which can hurt your cash flow. In addition, packaging errors can damage customer relationships and the reputation of your business and should be avoided. 

Packaging print errors are the most common, and they could be misspelled words and inaccurate or the wrong product weight. This can lead to expensive recalls and a myriad of other problems regardless of whether the quality of the content is excellent.

Labeling errors could affect tracking and shipping, leading to the loss of products. For instance, they could be shipped to the wrong persons or damaged if there is no labeling for fragile products. To avoid this error, businesses need to be keen on proofing by slowing it down to ensure everything is in place before letting the products go out. 


To keep your customers focused on what your business does best and the quality of your products, you need to avoid packaging mistakes. Mistakes such as tough packaging that limits access, errors such as labeling and misrepresentation can make your company look unprofessional. It can also impede what you are trying to achieve through branding and packaging.