Puerto Escondido Weather: Best Time to Visit

The finest time to travel Puerto Escondido in Mexico happens to be from al round January to December. It is the place where the tourists can have warm climate as well as barely even moderate the precipitation. So the temperature average maximum in Puerto Escondido happens to be 31 ° C in the month of April and 29 ° C in the month of January. The temperature of the water is between 27 to 37 ° C. When it comes to the weather as well as climate of Puerto Escondido happens to be suitable for a perfect vacation. Here are the details about the weather in Puerto Escondido now.

In Puerto Escondido there is the tropical savanna climatic situation

Average temperature and average precipitation in Puerto Escondido or the periods when more rain or snow falls, below we present all the information. So you can be well prepared! Our monthly weather statistics averages are based on data from the last 10 years.

Between the months of January and March the climate is perfect. It is for example 31 ° C as maximum temperature in march and, in march, 2 days of rain are expected.

  • Between April and May the climate is favorable. In average, on the morning it is 25 ° C and it rains about 57mm every month.
  • Between June and September the climate is just okay. It is for example 30 ° C as maximum temperature in september.
  • From October to December the climate is favorable. The temperature rises to 30 ° C.

The Mexican capital of surfing

Puerto Escondido is made up of several beaches, which are marked by the rough sea. Sometimes dangerous. In fact, this is exactly what makes surfers from different parts of the world look for the city for the practice of the sport.

To give you an idea, there are places where the waves can reach 12 meters in height at some times of the year, such as in November. Not for nothing, the city hosts the Puerto Escondido Cup , a world championship for big waves.

The city beyond surfing

However, surfing is not the only thing to do in Puerto Escondido. Unlike in cities like Cancún and Playa del Carmen, Puerto Escondido was not dominated by all-inclusive resorts.

In other words, Puerto Escondido still has beautiful natural landscapes, beaches with blue and green waters, heat and low prices. In other words, it is not dominated by mass tourism, by signs in English, by hotels built on sand, as in the Riviera Maya.

Puerto Escondido Attractions

As we said before, the city is the Mexican capital of surfing. Thus, it is obviously necessary to talk about sport when highlighting what to do in Puerto Escondido.

However, there are more attractions on the list of things to do in Puerto Escondido, such as visiting a lagoon that shines at night, visiting beaches that are strongholds of turtles and even nudist beaches.

Surf And Night Fun

Zicatela is the sanctuary of surfers in Mexico, with waves that can exceed 12 meters in height (they are among the highest in the world). In fact, this is where the Puerto Escondido Cup takes place, a tournament that brings together professional surfers from different parts of the world (between May and June).

Being marked by surfing, in Zicatela you can also sign up for sports lessons. On site, for example, it is possible to rent (around 10 dollars) or buy (from 250 dollars) a board.