Raksha Bandhan: Celebrate the Bond Between the Siblings in 2021

Raksha Bandhan is a beautiful word that signifies a pure bond between a brother and a sister. Raksha means protection, and Bandhan means a knot; thus, representing a knot of protection. This festival was first beautifully celebrated thousands of years ago when Princess Draupadi tied a part of her saree on the fingers of Lord Krishna, whom she considered to be her brother. She tied a knot to prevent bleeding in Lord Krishna’s finger after he nicked it on Sudarshan Chakra. Seeing such a caring gesture of Princess Draupadi, Lord Krishna vowed to stay by her side and protect her from every harsh situation in her life. Since then, according to Hindu mythology, this day came to be known as Raksha Bandhan and became an auspicious festival for the Indians.

Lockdown Virtual Gifts to Surprise Your Brother This Rakhi

Rakhi or the Resham Dhaga is a thread of love tied by the sisters on their brother’s wrists who promises to cherish her and stays by her side for a lifetime. So, when purchasing a Rakhi, you just cannot make a simple choice, and you would need a thread that is alluring and bespeaks your bond.

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Send Rakhi Online In Any Part Of India

You may love your brother a lot, but Rakhi is the day to express this love and care you have for your other half, your brother. So, if your brother is with you or staying away in any other part of the country, Bigsmall helps you minimize your problem of choosing one of the best rakhi gifts for brothers.

This online portal of Bigsmall enables you to choose and send your Rakhi for your brother to his place hassle-free and wishes him loads of love and prosperity in his life. After all, we cherish your love for your brother, and in such a hard time, we are here to help you celebrate this beautiful and auspicious festival of siblings in the best possible way.