Although many tourists are under the impression that Italy is expensive, that is not the case. Outside Italy’s tourism hubs, you do not have to break a bank to enjoy the good life in Italy. You can purchase jugs of good wine for as little as $4, eat a nice meal for less than $20, and still enjoy yourself. Living like a local in Italy can make it very affordable for you.

Those who have traveled to Italy can attest that it has so much to offer, from a cool climate to diverse culture. If you have Italian roots, the better. You can search how to claim my Italian citizenship on google and follow the proper procedure as you consider these reasons to move to Italy.

Affordable property

This is good news for property investors. You can get affordable homes in Italy, especially in the countryside and the sunny south. There are many properties for sale just a few minutes’ drive from the city, which means you can benefit from lower home prices and still enjoy the amenities you need close by. You will pay way less for houses in the provincial towns than property in the major cities.

Italian utilities

When buying a new property or renting in Italy, you will find the utilities disconnected in the new place. Getting the utilities back, including electricity, water, telephone, and gas, means signing a contract with a local provider. So, you need to have your stay permit to sign the contract. Utilities are affordable in Italy as an average household could pay around $70 every two months. 

Lower cost of living

Italy had a lower cost of living than other major cities such as London. Rome is affordable with lower-priced rents, restaurants, groceries, and other consumer prices. The cost of living is favorable, especially in the countryside or when you buy a home on the outskirts of a village. In rural locations, taxes are lower, and fresh produce is cheaper.

Easy to get around

A good network of motorways in Italy makes driving a great pleasure, especially with the incredible scenery around the country. When you decide to live in Italy, many removal companies can facilitate your move to Italy. You can even get your pet into Italy through the pet passport scheme.

Favorable climate

Italy has a Mediterranean climate with cool and wet winters and hot, dry summers. The southern regions and coastal areas have the mildest weather, such as Sicily and Sardinia. The winter temperatures rarely drop to freezing in these areas, while summers often get to 35degrees Celcius or higher. Each season brings beauty to Italy’s landscape, such as snow-capped mountains, autumn leaves, fields of poppies, and sunflowers which means your summers will be most enjoyable.

Italian culture

Italian culture is based on arts, religion, family, architecture, history, food, and music. Italians keep their traditions alive, which are very accommodative. They take pride in delicious food and wine, and festivals that keep their culture alive.


As the saying goes, people are no trees or mountains that they cannot move. If you are not content where you are, travel or, better still, move.