Signs Of An Old And Outdated Kitchen Cabinet

There are kitchen cabinets that can last for as long as 50 years, depending on their material. However, several factors can degrade their condition, such as sudden changes in temperature, moisture, and infestation of termites. What makes this a bigger problem is that it can be hard to distinguish an old and worn kitchen cabinet at first glance to check if a kitchen cabinet refacing Orange County is needed. 

You can consider the following sign in inspecting your cupboards to find out if it needs cabinet refacing California.

Sign #1: Unwanted Smell Inside the Cabinet

Check your cabinets for any unwanted odors that might be caused by debris, dust, and even spoiling food that has accumulated inside. Even though cleaning can get rid of this unwanted smell, it can negatively affect the condition or quality of the wood.

Sign #2: Excessive Wear and Tear

Closely inspect if your cabinets have some scratches and malfunctioning knobs, which are some signs of wear and tear that might need the help of kitchen cabinet refacing service, such as cabinet refacing Orange County.

Sign #3: Difficulty in Opening and Closing the Cabinet Doors

Many kitchen cabinets are often designed with a seamless opening and closing motion. If there are any difficulties in having easy access to these doors, there might be an issue with its hinges.

Sign #4: Difficulty in Pulling the Cabinet Drawers

Another sign of an old kitchen cabinet is having difficulties in pulling cabinet drawers. Any items inside these faulty drawers can get stuck unless you force your way to open them, which can also potentially cause further damage to your cabinets.

Sign #5: Mold Build-up

Gradual exposure to water can attract the formation of mold in your cabinets. Some types of molds can cause allergic reactions to humans, making them dangerous not only to the lifespan of your cupboards but also to your health. It is essential to ensure that your kitchen cabinets are away from water sources such as pipes.

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Signs of an Old and Outdated Kitchen Cabinet