Sure shot strategies for winning slots

Slots in Judi online are based on probabilities and depend upon your luck factor. There is no way of predicting the outcome of your slot machine. But, you can take certain steps to get more chances of trying out your luck. Here are some of the sure-shot strategies you can use when playing slots.

Basic Strategy

A combination of symbols determines your win in slots. The combinations are determined using random number generators which work on certain algorithms to provide random results every time. No one has any control over this, not even the casinos. Therefore, the strategies which you make should not depend on the number generator and should instead focus on other aspects of your game.

Try low bets

You have control over your bet. It is tempting to put higher bets in slots so that you may get higher rewards. But, thinking rationally would give you an idea that smaller bets will give you more shots at winning for the same amount. Since the combinations are generated randomly, there is a high chance that hardly any of your high bets will result in high rewards. Instead, you will get many chances in small bets and so your chances of winning will also increase. It is always better to win something than not winning anything at all.

Right moves

There are no skills required to play slots. You need to have your luck by your side to win. If you feel that you are losing too many games, it is better to leave the game for the day. If your luck is to shine, it will do within a few games. Clinging to the false hope that you are going to win soon is just going to make you lose all your money. 

Keeping this in mind, you should also stop if you have too many games already. Stars don’t shine every time and it is better to move away after winning a few games. If you don’t want to do so, you should go with small bets. In this way, if you feel that you are losing, you can still move back and end up with more money than you began, although it could have been more had you stopped at the right time.


These strategies are surely going to help you in winning more games of slots as they will increase your number of attempts in slots. You can also try out these strategies in other games of Judi online.