Tents with Screened Porch- An Ultimate Guide

A lot of people like their outdoor camping tents to be more than just the frame and fabric. They desire to have additions like storage spaces, ACs, stoves, and much more. One such addition is tent porches. The comfort of a secured viewing space and the many other benefits make porches an important and deciding factor. But exactly what should be kept in mind while deciding about porches? Let’s dive into some of the points for this. Keep on reading!

  • The Protection: The porch should be made in such a way that it can be kept completely open or secured with a mesh or any other such fabric. This will allow you to keep it as per your wish and get the desired protection from the natural elements like insects and rain. Apart from that, the option of protection will also let you safely store things there. And this brings us to our next point.
  • The Extra Storage: Many people prefer tent with screened porch and they use tent porches as additional storage space for their stoves and other things. For this, the porch shall be sufficiently big and of the required structure. By structure we mean, sufficiently tall and broad along with the required width. If you can add some extra pouches or sections, then you can make an even better use of this storage space.
  • Makeshift Kitchen area: Another use of tent porches can be as a makeshift kitchen. You can get the camping cooking supplies like the rocket stove for camping and small wood stoves for campers along with all the periphery. The open structure of the porch will also not make your tent full of fumes and smoke from the cooking. However, you need to make sure that all your cooking essentials fit in the porch.

Now coming to some of the points for selection of a perfect tent with screened porch.

  • Fabric of the Porch: Normally, mesh fabric is used in the porches. This is because it provides the required protection, view and ventilation. But the quality of mesh differs widely. So, make sure that you choose the type of mesh which can be mended easily in case of some tear or other damage. Along with that, if possible, make sure that an entire replacement of the mesh part is possible.
  • The Space: Just like the tents, the porches can also be of different sizes. So, you can choose from just-sitting area or the space to lounge. For this, some tents have the option to let the porch remain partially open, with just some overhead protection. So, do check before making the booking.

Apart from this, there can be other factors like the ease of set-up, the time and number of people required, the type of land area for it, etc. So, plan beforehand and enjoy the most!