The Beginner’s Guide to Choose the Right Upholstery Fabric

After years of being used for snuggling, napping, and eating meals late into the night, your chair is bound to show signs of wear. Chairs that are often used will inevitably acquire rips and stains over time. Numerous chair materials are simple to clean; however, difficulties emerge when stains are irreversible.

How do you handle damage? Reupholstering.

upholstery is a fantastic technique for giving new life to worn materials and transforming them into eye-catching works of art. Compared to purchasing a new chair, upholstery & reupholstery is not only more cost-effective but also more convenient; all you have to do is select a fabric.

If you are unsure about which upholstery fabric to choose, take a look at the options we have provided by professionals. When searching for a new fabric for your chair, the goal should be to choose one that not only matches but also improves the appearance of your current decor.

First, examine your choice of color scheme. Do your coffee tables, carpets, etc. share colors? Do you feel like your room needs color, or perhaps a softer tone?

After deciding on your design plan and color palette, you may start picking out fabrics. The use of neutral tones works well with a variety of different kinds of decorating. The Amalfi collection provides soothing, earthy tones in imitation velvet. If you are looking for a chair that will make a statement, the Cardinal collection from us comes in a variety of colors, including a vibrant fuchsia and a rich burgundy.

You should choose a distinctive pattern without becoming overbearing. Take into account the d├ęcor you already have to accomplish this look. In a space with little decorations, a colorful chair with flowery accents would stick out. A cluttered space can be made to feel more cohesive by the addition of a chair with simple lines and understated details.

After deciding on colors and patterns that complement one another, think about how functional the cloth will be.

Examine the fabric first to determine its rub count. The number of times a fabric can be “rubbed” by a machine before it becomes unusable is referred to as the rub count. The best long-lasting upholstery fabrics are those with a high rub count (around 15,000-30,000). Before showing any signs of wear, our Amalfi fabric can survive 60,000 rubs.

The thread count is another possible indicator of durability (this is the number of threads per square inch of fabric). Fabrics with a higher thread count have a higher density, making them more robust.

The simplest part comes last. Think about where your chair will go, who will sit on it, and how they will use it.

Chairs intended for frequent use require a higher rub count than chairs intended for occasional use. Synthetic materials, such as Kentish, are recommended for households with both children and dogs, whereas chairs made of natural fibers are the better choice for formal occasions.

Aqua clean is a high-quality “all-rounder” that cleans and disinfects. This material can withstand accidents such as spills and stains without suffering any damage to its look, as the name suggests.