The easiest method to Integrate Selenium Grid With Docker

Getting its eminent features, it’s effectively offering a number of advantages for that teams. Particularly with Selenium Grid, teams can run tests in parallel and distribute tests across several virtual machines. Also, by integrating Selenium Grid with Docker, teams can efficiently run distributed applications faster for up less space than Virtual Machines.

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Selenium is certainly an extremely popular automation framework and broadly loved by a lot of teams due to its suite of tools for example Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver, and Selenium Grid. Of individuals, Selenium Grid is effectively benefitting development teams to operate tests in parallel on multiple systems or machines. Also, by configuring Selenium Grid with Docker, the operation is more and more effective and faster in running distributed applications obtaining a restricted amount of space being occupied.

Configuring with Docker is frequently probably the most appropriate choice in comparison to virtual machines. But, you may still look for a couple of enterprises that actually use virtual machines. This is often due to the fact they do not be familiar with advantages and feel integration is complicated with Docker.

What’s Selenium Grid?

Selenium Grid is most likely the main tools of selenium that’s effectively helpful for running selenium tests parallel as well as for disbursing tests across multiple virtual machines. To operate tests in parallel while using the selenium grid, you need to configure the selenium grid with Nodes and Hubs.

Hub may be the primary point where test demands are received coupled with needed configurations and skills. Using the received request, the hub distributes test cases relating to the registered nodes.

Many of the enterprises utilize virtual machines for executing these selenium scripts. But, the downside to the virtual machines is the fact using the level of scripts, the node machines would like to get integrated. And, this may lead to issues within the Grid atmosphere while creating browsers and OS combinations.

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What’s Docker?

Docker may be a lot as being a container. It is really an open platform utilized by system managers and developers. These Docker users can put databases, libraries, and dependencies straight into these containers then rely on them commercially building, deploying, and running distributed applications. Though it may be frequently known as pricey and time-consuming, Dockers efficiently solve time-consuming and price-related issues.