The predecessor of AR-15: Complete AR-10 rifle

A complete AR-10 rifle is considered one of the first preferences in rifle among most of the shooters worldwide. This rifle modelis heavily preferred touse this weapon in a home defense job or a shooting competition. It is specifically suitable for those individuals that are looking forward to using it inlong-range precision shooting. This gun comes with a large caliber which has its benefits.

A concise review

In the year 1955, this rifle was developed. ArmaLite manufactured it. This unique rifle is known to be the grandfather of all modern sporting rifles. This model is also regarded as the predecessor of its later model AR-15, which is likely to come with more power due to its bigger caliber.

The standard size of this rifle is .308/7.62 mm, along with 6.5 Creedmoor. These days different kinds of manufacturers manufacture guns and rifles depending on the AR-10 platform. One of the great benefits this rifle comes with is that it is customizable per your unique needs and demands. You always have the option of equipping this rifle with further scope to get even more efficiency. If you happen to be a long-distance hunter or shooter, you need to get this rifle for all its perks and benefits.

Other details and information

The standard weight of this model of the rifle may vary within the 7.25lb-10lb range as per the specifications of its parts and manufacturers. Regarding its effective range, this rifle is supposed to do great within a range of 650-760 yd. This range is likely to vary depending on various factors like wind conditions, telescopic conditions, etc. There are very few rifles and guns known to be better than this one in long-range.

The muzzle velocity of this rifle may vary to some extent as per various factors such as firing conditions, barrel length, caliber, etc. In the case of a rifle with 20.8 barrel length and .300 caliber, bullet speed is supposed to be around 2690 ft/s.

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This unique rifle model is considered to be quite revolutionary. This gun is really on top of the wish list of most of the men out there. If you want, you can build this model of rifle on your own using .308 armament components.

As compared to other similar file models, it comes with some the amazing features and specifications. First of all, it has a hand-picked barrel that will give you great accuracy along with ultimate precision. On the other hand, there are upper receivers that have shell deflector, forward assist housing. Moreover, it is known to be made out of the billet material for ensuring durability and strength. This model also comes with bolt carrier groups properly assembled with the firing pins and cam pins. 308 lower build kit is used to finish the lower receiver build of this rifle. In case you are eager to have a battle rifle with utmost efficiency and power, then you should try 308 builds of this rifle model.