Things that you can enjoy the most during your Evening Desert Safari Tour?

Find the top things to do in the deserts of Dubai! Enjoy the jeep safari, experience the sandboarding experience, go camel riding or discover the basics of falconry. There are plenty of exciting and interesting activities you can take part in.

1 – Take an excursion in a Jeep

Take a trip into the desert with an SUV to enjoy the desert in comfort while accompanying your driver. A jeep safari in the desert is priced at around 40 euros or more. Typically they are coupled with other activities like dune bashing or sandboarding. You could consider these tours which include everything. 

2 – Be bold enough to experiment with dune bashing

Board an SUV so that you can enjoy dune bashing with an experienced driver. This is the perfect activity for those who love adrenaline. You’ll certainly experience the thrill of being in the jeep driving across and around the dunes. These kinds of excursions are part of jeep safari tours, so make sure to check them first.

3 – Take a ride on an air balloon that is hot and view the desert from above

Enjoy the desert safari differently by taking a hot air balloon. The tours typically begin early in the morning for an even more stunning view as the sun beings to rise. If you’re brave enough, board a hot-air balloon; make sure to bring your camera to take pictures of the views!.

4 – Discover the falconry of the Desert  

The falcons can fly as high as 4000 feet and are trained to perform an exhibit. To make your experience more enjoyable, combine the falcon display with an air balloon ride and a tasty breakfast.

5 – Have fun with the Sandboard  

Try sandboarding, a popular desert activity. It’s thrilling to slide across the dunes with the board, so certainly include this into your desert safari!

6 – Take a camel safari to explore the desert  

You’ll see camels roaming the desert of Dubai, and why not try riding one? They are known as peaceful animals. The owners of camels will provide you with the steps to get on the camel. It is advisable to include camel riding in the desert adventure Dubai experience. 

Camels also have farms that you may visit if interested in learning more about these specific animals. 

7– Go to the Horse Stables

Like camel riding, you also have the option of riding a horse through the desert. These kinds of adventures are truly unique and great for a relaxing time. The time for horseback riding will be around 90 minutes, and a tour guide throughout the ride will accompany you. 

 8– Ride a quad bike or drive buggy

Explore across the desert with a quad bike that is certain to be an exhilarating experience. They will give you directions on operating the quad and provide you with safety gear.

If you prefer riding on a buggy, you might think if it’s comfortable or not. 

The two aren’t cheap; however, you can find that on most different platforms with affordable deals, which typically include other activities to take part in while during the dry desert. 

9 – Ride in a classic Land Rover

If you’re seeking something more lavish, take a look at the desert safari in style with a vintage Land Rover. These kinds of trips tend to be costly, but they are worthwhile as they provide a range of options to enhance the enjoyment of your desert safari.

10 – Discover Hatta Heritage Village

Discover The Hatta Heritage Village The Hatta Heritage Village has been reconstructed and in which stone and mud houses illustrate the life of the village from centuries ago. Combining your trip to the village with a ride on a 4×4 to make the most of your time, however, most tours have transportation included.

11 – Meet Animals in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Board an SUV with an expert safari guide who takes you through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. This way, you’ll be able to fully experience the stunning desert ecosystem and wildlife that is the best-preserved region within the UAE.