Tips and tricks to play QQ Poker online

Online poker is the same as conventional gambling. The only difference is that online poker is done via online poker dealers. In a casino, you will have different gaming options to try. One could also take part in multiple games simultaneously. It saves time and proves more interesting. However Not all online casinos deserve such credit, it all comes down to how exciting these games are. One of such games in online casinos is qq poker which is well-known these days and is played widely by players on online poker websites. The online qq poker game is easy and simple to understand and to play. It also uses dominoes that are familiar to individuals in Indonesia.

QQ poker online games are different from qq domino cards although it is similar to using dominoes. In this online poker game, there will be many poker tables available with various buy-in values. Every table can be filled by 2 to 8 individuals in one round. Then every gambler will get two cards from the dealer which should be calculated in value as per the sphere printed on cards. The player who has the biggest card numbers is considered the winner. This qq poker is simple but different gamblers are addicted to it although they lose the game as they know the potential of earning profits from this game.

How to Play QQ Poker Online

The concept of this qq poker game is easy and simple. For poker players who know this game, they understand how easy it is to play. For starters, learning qq poker is simple and they can practice the game anytime. When you sign up to an online poker website and make a deposit, you should choose the poker table to play at. There are many tables offered with various buy-in values, gamblers can select freely as long as there are empty seats available at the table. After that, you can select a seat and issue a bet as per the value of the bet at the table of your choice.

After all the gamblers have issued their bets, the owner will offer two cards to every player. Then the gambler only has to add up the card value he has. In QQ poker online games the biggest value is 9 so if the number comes is more than 9 then it is seen as the last number. For example, if a gambler gets cards 6 and 5 then the total is 11. As there are two numbers then the last digit is considered to be 1. So gambler A only gets a value of 1. The winner is the one who has the biggest number of other gamblers. If there are two individuals with a similar value then the log will be seen from the two gamblers and the winner is the one with the biggest value.

Wrapping Up

QQ poker is the most popular poker game in Indonesia. Anyone who wishes to play the QQ game can play the game sitting from any corner of the world and earn huge profits using the simple tricks discussed above.