Tips To Build a Pet-Friendly Home

Indiana saved almost 85,000 pets from homelessness or, worse yet, neglect in the year 2020.  And while that number had something to do with the pandemic, it was also telling of the fact that the people of the state have a soft spot for animals.

A massive chunk of these were adopted by residents of Zionsville. After all, it can be pretty challenging to find rental homes that allow pets. Nevertheless, several project homes have pet friendly apartments for rent in Zionsville, IN.

These homes are designed especially to accommodate pets.  However, there are a few things that the pet owner is responsible for.

So here are a few ways one can build a pet-friendly home.

Ensure absolute safety for pets

Look for sources that could pose hazards such as choking, strangling, electrocution, and asphyxia.  Window treatment cables should be kept short and clipped through any loops.  Moreover, unplug or cover any wires and electrical cords.

Leave human food and medicines out of reach of pets.  Remove any platforms that curious pets can use to gain access to elevated locations, such as worktops and tabletops.

To prevent pets from rummaging through perishable garbage, dispose of it regularly.  Use a foot-pedal trash can to ensure that the space is kept tidy and the trash is out of your pet’s reach.  Furthermore, be sure that all indoor plants are pet-safe.

Installing pet-safe flooring and Upholstery

Choose textiles and carpeting materials that need less maintenance.  Among them are the following:

  • Attractive, easy-care ultra-suede or leather can be cleaned and will not show signs of wear.
  • Crypton Super Fabric a synthetic germ and stain-resistant material is designed specifically for pet owners.
  • Use a throw blanket and colorful cushions on furniture.
  • It is best to avoid carpets, but if one must choose a rug, it is advisable to use a color that matches the pet’s fur.

Further, when exploring flooring options, consider the following.

  • Hardwood with a urethane finish is a popular and easy-to-clean option for lightweight dogs.
  • Ceramic tiles or other nonporous hard floorings would be ideal for larger dogs.

Quick tips

Now that safety, Upholstery, and flooring have been covered, here are a few ways to ensure that your space is completely pet-friendly.

  • Cover sharp corners of furniture to protect your pets.
  • Hard flooring and anti-slip tiles are perfect for pet-friendly houses.
  • Provide stairs for pets to use when climbing onto high-up furniture. Otherwise, their nails may damage the Upholstery when climbing high spaces.
  • Regularly vacuum the home.
  • Close trash cans and toilet lids securely.
  • Keep housekeeping chemicals in a secure location and glassware and lit candles out of reach of pets.
  • To prevent cluttering the house, use large wicker baskets to hold all of the pet’s toys.

Closing thoughts

It is imperative to know that pets are also living beings. They need as much of a space to thrive as humans do.  They may not be directly contributing members of society, but they bring joy and complete families.

Thus, the most crucial part of creating a pet-safe space is to find pet friendly apartments for rent in Zionsville, IN.

In finding an appropriate housing space, it is advisable to create pet-safe spaces within the home.  Moreover, the furnishing, fittings, and decoration need to be such that the pet is neither hurt by it nor inclined to destroy it.

Moreover, consider availing of professional help to create a space that suits you and your pet!