What are the Benefits of using Dedicated Servers

There are numerous benefits of Dedicated Servers, but one of its key advantages is its capacity to deliver dynamic web applications that can meet the exact requirement of the user. Since a Dedicated Web Server from WeHaveServers offers a fully dedicated hosting service, it means no other service providers IBM help or shared hosts are sharing your server. Therefore, your data and application experience are guaranteed with Dedicated Web Hosting.

Benefits of Dedicated Servers

In a shared hosting solution, several clients share the same resources, so, when a business with increased needs uses more resources, the overall performance of the company would suffer affecting the overall performance of other clients. Businesses choosing for a dedicated server to receive a specific IP address that grants them a unique identity and thus boosts the company s online reputation. Also, dedicated servers offer the capability to implement several software solutions without having to write the programs by themselves.

Cost Advantage over Shared Servers

When a company has many users, it requires high hosting costs to cover the cost of resources for everyone. But in a dedicated server, each of the users gets a separate IP address and the company maintain complete control over the system. Because of its unique control policy, there is less overhead expense incurred. The company does not have to pay for other companies’ services like email account or sub domain hosting. This gives dedicated servers a clear advantage when it comes to cost versus shared servers.

Increased Computing Capability

Another major advantage of dedicated servers is its ability to accommodate more compute resources. With a high number of cores, Dedicated Web Hosting offers the capability to run more applications at one time compared to a single physical machine. With a high number of cores, an individual dedicated server can run up to 4 separate applications which give the webmaster or website administrator greater computing power. In addition, multiple cores make updating and adding new applications more efficient and simpler.