What was the situation of the Queen during the Second World War?

In this article, we will discuss the situation of the Queen during the Second World War. Also, we will talk about how the Queen celebrates her birthday in New Zealand.

What is the situation of the Queen during the Second World War?

In September 1939, UK had also joined the Second World War under the rule of Lord Hailsham. He then said that the Queen and also Margaret should leave Scotland and go to Canada. This would keep them safe from the aerial bombing that was common during Second World War. This request was rejected by her mother, and she said that they would not leave without the king.

Also, she said that it was the wish of the Queen herself to remain with the king until all was over. In the year 1940, the Queen and Margaret, along with her parent, were shifted to the Royal Lodge. There the Queen and Margaret were both educated by the Queens mother.

Also, during this time, they both were taught how they both could rule the kingdom if they became the Queen. In the earlier days, her parents used to celebrate the Queens birthday in the whole of the UK. They used to keep a grand feast and used to decorate different place in the UK. They would then invite the people to come and have a grand feast with the Royal family.

Also, those far away from the royal family would be supplied with food and other materials. This was done by the king and the Queen to keep the people happy as well as their daughter. The Queen used to celebrate her as well as Margaret birthday together in the Royal Palace.

This was done so that both the sisters can be happy and live a wonderful life. They wanted that there should be unity and love between them both.

How does the Queen celebrate her birthday in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, the Queen has said the first Monday in June to be a public holiday. This means that no offices, schools or universities are allowed to remain open. This is done to keep the people happy and also to keep them interested in helping out the Queen.

The celebrations are mainly official and include parades and military honour to the Queen. There has been a proposal with the political parties in New Zealand to extend the holiday with Matariki. This means that a long holiday should be given in honour of the Queen.

The Queen’s birthday is also celebrated with the Hillary weekend, which is a mountaineer. This was raised in the year 2009, after the famous mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary. This was also done to honour the achievement and skill of Edmund Hillary.

When the Queen had visited New Zealand, she had personally awarded Edmund for his achievement. Also, she had kept a feast in honour of him and invited many people of New Zealand to join in the year 2010. This was like a good deed which the Queen had to do to honour and keep the people happy.