Where Is Denver Dog Bite Law Applicable

Due to the increasing number of dog bites in Denver, it will be advisable to be familiar with the regulations governing a dog bite claim. The law serves as a guide for you and Denver dog bite lawyers to ascertain if your claim is liable to be pursued legally.  It will help you know after a dog attack if your case can legally be considered and is not restricted in any way by law.

At the age of 18, under the law, you are an adult and can be held responsible for any attack or injury caused by your dog. If you are younger, the law may not hold you responsible.  If a victim of a dog bite suffers injuries and damage, like loss of any body parts, scaring which leads to disfiguring and broken bone, he has the right to request for any of the Denver dog bite lawyers to represent your case as it is valid under the law. If he was with any of his personal properties like a laptop, phone, and charger, he can also sue for damages that are allowed under the law.

The law is not applicable if it is military personnel trained dog which is well trained and performing its duty of catching thieves, hunting down criminals,  diffusing bombs, and patrolling the environment. Police dogs are also exempted from the law. They are exempted because they are working with the government to ensure the safety and well-being of the citizens. To avoid being blamed for a military or police attack, trespassing into areas that are marked ‘danger zone’ should be avoided, training grounds are also off-limit if you are a civilian and if a dog bites such a person, for failure to comply, he has no right under the law to file a complaint against the dog owner and Denver dog bite lawyers will not be able to take up such cases as the law does not support such.

Dog handlers and trainers in the process of training a dog if bitten cannot file a case. It is against the law. Vet doctors and nurses cannot lay claim of being bitten by a dog as it was in the line of duty. They can only take precautions when giving dogs their monthly shot. If they are bitten in the course of caring for a dog, they can have it checked but the law does not support suing the owner over the injuries.