Why is Bumble Different?

With 40 million users worldwide, Bumble is one of the most popular and successful dating apps around today.

Bumble is known as a standout thanks to its unusual set-up; only allowing women to message first is what makes it stand out among the more traditional apps.

Users report that Bumble is simple to use too; you can sign in with your Facebook account or with your phone number.

Once you’re in, you create a profile and add extra details such as bio, personality traits and interests.

You also get an opportunity to set your match preferences.

The date filters on Bumble allow users to choose age and location ranges and whether you’re interested in dating men, women or all options.

Some of the options get better with a paid account – for example, Advanced Filters are free to use up to 2 choices – once you pay, however, then you get to set as many as you want to.

Advanced Filters include things such as ‘looking for a causal relationship’ or ‘non-smoking’.

The unique feature which allows only women to make the first move on Bumble is only variable if you’re a man looking to message other men.

If you’re a woman you get 24 hours to respond to any interest you get before it’s zapped.

Bumble also has an option for people who are just looking to make friends, it’s called Bumble BFF. There’s also Bumble Bizz which is for business networking – think LinkedIn but friendlier.

Many women choose Bumble because the power’s in their hands. Female Tinder users often complain of harassment, unwanted photographs and abusive messages from men.

That’s a risk no matter which dating app you use but when we consider Tinder’s dodgy reputation in terms of feminist principles, it’s maybe not too difficult to decide which app’s best for you.

Tinder’s one-time CEO Sean Rad was in a lot of hot water not too long ago for his part in a scandal involving two fellow Tinder founders, Whitney Wolfe Herd and Justin Mateen.

Mateen had been dating Wolfe Herd and when the two broke up, Mateen subjected her to verbal abuse and to sexual discrimination at work.

She brought a successful lawsuit which was settled out of court against Tinder and went on to found Bumble – poetic justice? Maybe, it’s fair to say that Rad has gone on to make a fool of himself on more than one occasion.

His comments on the supposed supermodel who was obsessed with him and a well-known gaffe he made about sodomy and what it means didn’t go unnoticed either!