10 reasons Why Google Workspace is worth the upgrade

Formerly known as G Suite, Google Workspace is Google’s set of intelligent applications like Google Docs, Drive, Google Duo, Gmail, and many more. Like several other organizations, there are high chances of you using Google Workspace for your business’s smooth and efficient functioning. 

Several web hosting providers offer Google suite plans at cost-effective rates. 

Many consumer versions applications of this suite are free and easy to use and collaborate with your colleagues and team members. 

So, the question is, why upgrade to Google Workspace and what benefits it offers to your business? 

In this article, we’ll take you through several reasons that make upgrading to Google Workspace worth it for your business. 

10 reasons to upgrade to Google Workspace 

Google Workspace offers intelligent and controlled Google apps for your business with features with advanced security to secure your documents and data, AI for faster team collaboration and communication, etc., for efficient business functioning. 

Here are ten further reasons why you should upgrade to this service for your business. 

  • Domain-branded Gmail Business Hosting 

Besides leveraging the reliable features of Gmail, when you upgrade to Google Workspace, you can personalize your Gmail domain name with your business’s name. 

Branded Gmail domain looks more professional, enhancing business credibility and reliability and improving customer experience. 

Moreover, it facilitates employees’ tasks by offering more controlled, secure, and customizable options, with the ability to add or remove accounts/users easily. 

  • Real-time collaboration 

Google Workspace applications are specifically geared towards seamless collaboration for this remote and current work-from-home situation. 

Multiple team members can collaborate and work together on a single Google doc, slide, sheet, saving the edits, version history, and information regarding which user made what modifications for increased security and reliability. 

  • Store unlimited data on Google Drive 

Each Gmail user gets their own Google Drive to store business files, documents, and sensitive information. This drive is private to a particular user; however, they can share specific documents or folders with other users if required. 

With upgraded Google Workspace, you get storage space of upto 30 GB, twice what you get with the free version of the G Suite plan

  • Admin console 

With Google Workspace Admin Console, you can manage your data, users, and applications from a single portal with an intuitive dashboard. 

You can perform the following tasks: 

  • Add or remove groups or users 
  • Block untrusted applications 
  • Manage devices 
  • Assign permissions and create roles 
  • Configure security settings
  • Customize the user experience, and more
  • CRM and other third-party applications integration 

Integrating Google Workspace with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or other productive applications lets you easily work across several platforms. 

This integration reduces the risks of human errors and data inconsistencies, boosting your business productivity and performance. 

  • Google Vault for data protection 

Google Vault allows you to secure and preserve critical business data as required, even from suspended accounts. 

This solution helps prevent data loss when your employees leave your company, helping you stay ahead of any potential legal threats or problems. 

  • Endpoint management 

Endpoint management allows you to control the accessibility of your Google Workspace accounts. With this service, you can control which devices can access the accounts, distribute applications on mobile devices at scale and with ease, check usage, manage security settings, and more. 

  • AI-powered insights and productivity 

Google Workspace uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automate simple tasks and provide your business with data-based insights to help them make well-informed and better decisions. 

Some examples include Smart Compose in Gmail, Nudge in messages, and BigQuery in Google sheets. 

  • Launch websites 

With Google Sites, you can create and launch interactive and high-quality websites without the need for learning any programming language. 

You can easily drag-and-drop content from your Google Workspace into website grids and templates, simultaneously co-editing, commenting, and managing the website as needed. 

  • Consistent experience across multiple devices 

Google Chrome, a well-known search engine, allows you to bookmark bars and synchronize Chrome across any device you are logged in to, offering the best experience. 

You can access your Google Workspace and use its applications from any device- whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or an optimized desktop. 


Google Workspace for business offers advanced features and services to organizations with enhanced control, flexibility, customization, and security, improving business efficiency and employee productivity. 

Several web hosting companies also offer reliable, and secure Google Workspace plans with secure, collaborative, and controlled features at an affordable rate. So, get in touch with a reliable hosting provider and opt for a relevant Google Workspace plan for your business.