3 Innovative Ways to Support Charity Through Social Media

Charity is the provision of assistance on a voluntary and gratuitous basis to those who need it. Generally, the more economically and socially developed a country is, the higher its Giving Index. This is one of the features of a developed civil society: people are aware of the integrity of society, feel involved and responsible for the world in which they live.

Once Muhammad Ali, an American professional boxer, activist, entertainer, and philanthropist said, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

Anyone can do charity work, but the system works best thanks to the activities of NGOs and various charitable foundations. Such organizations systematically work in a certain direction, which means they can quickly respond to someone’s problem and help faster and more efficiently than individual activists. At the same time, it often happens that the better the assistance system is built in the organization, the more wards it has and the more such a fund needs our support. Here’s how you can use Social Media to Support Charity.

Using Facebook, Twitter, And Other Social Media Platforms:

On the internet, it is easy to share posts that sharing a single sentence in real life. Messages convey way faster to a mass audience on social media when compared to offline distribution. Writing a Facebook post or tweeting can look like a small gesture but can lead to a huge impact on any charity organization. Share a relevant article or message linking it to the charity’s website. Think of it like this, on average everyone has a minimum of 100 Facebook friends, and these 100 Facebook friends have another 100, the chance of spreading a message for a cause thus increases.

WE Charity is a nonprofit organization that has leveraged different social media platforms to influence a large number of people to gather and contribute to the accomplishments of various noble missions around the world. Founded by Marc Kielburger, WE Charity is part of ME to WE a family of nonprofit organizations working towards helping people around the world facing issues of lacking resources, poor infrastructure, and basic amenities.

Starting A Petition or Fundraiser:

Over the years, the response to online petitions has been constantly increasing. People create millions of petitions every year, and if you are not being able to find the right path to support a cause, you can simply start a petition or a fundraiser. Online petitions and fundraisers have emerged as an effective tool to spread awareness among the scholars of the internet. Internet is not subjected to a specific place or a specific territory and hence opens a wide area of possibilities. These petitions and fundraisers are highly capable of bringing a real change and there are several websites like Change.org that provide its users an opportunity to start a petition without any hassle. On the other hand, the fundraiser can help in gathering real money for a cause, charity donations are widely preferred over the internet and people have started trusting fundraisers for supporting a cause.

Get It Out On A Blog:

Blogging is another great way of using social media for a cause. Writing a tweet and Facebook post is a different thing, sometimes the limit of 140 characters ends up making less impact on the person reading the tweet, but the blog is highly impactful in this manner. On your blog, you can write about the events, and make people contact you to get directly involved in a cause. You can share each and every single detail on a blog vice-versa to the limitless portions of reach it opens after it gets online. A blog is available all around every search engine and is easier to find for people who are searching for supporting a cause and doing charity.