Style Street Guide: How to Wear Short Pleated Skirt

Street-styles are the best. Especially for girls, it holds a fantastic place in their hearts. The concept of street style is quite simple. On a regular basis, you can dress up the way you want to. What more can a girl ask for? It is all about you. The way you want to make your outfit. There are no rules and restrictions. In this article, we are going to talk about two trendy things. One is the street style, and another one is a short pleated skirt.

You must be living under a rock if you don’t know what a pleated skirt is. The straightforward definition of it is its skirt with multiple pleats. These pleats are stitched in the waist region of the skirts. There are two types of pleated skirt. One is short, and the other one is the long one. We know there is not a whole lot of difference. The short pleated skirts are preferable. Girls like to flaunt their legs. Which makes you more affordable.

But this short pleated skirt doesn’t make an entire outfit. You can style it as per your choices. This will be the dazzling combination of your style, short pleated skirt, and the streets. Let’s bring your style to the streets. Here are some to wear short pleated skirts.

  1. Oversized t-shirt and shoes

We are talking about short pleated skirts. You can style a short pleated skirt with an oversized t-shirt. This will give you a proper street style look. You make it look more casual and cool you wear sneakers or shoes. A street-style look without shoes is incomplete.

  1. One-shoulder tops and a short pleated skirt

A short pleated skirt gives a cute look. You cannot dress up all cute. So add a little bit of boldness on the top. You can wear a one-shoulder top on a short pleated skirt. The choice is up to you. To keep it casual, you can keep the colors subtle. One-shoulder can be easily paired with a short pleated skirt.

  1. Tube tops and high heels.

Suppose you are into a doll up look. This outfit is tailor-made for you. Tube tops don’t have sleeves. Please skirt, and a tube top will really look nice together. To add a little bit of glamour, you can wear high-heels and some accessories. Do not forget it is a street style; keep it simple.

  1. Crop shirts and boots

Shorts have been in fashion for a really long time. Now there is a new piece of clothing made out of it that is crop shirts. It is simply designed. You can wear it on a short pleated skirt. To complete this look, you can wear boots on it.

  1. Feathertop and sandals

You can wear a feather top on this pretty piece of clothing. The color combination is up to you. You can play with colors if you want to. After all, it is our fashion choice, going to the streets. If you are a girl who doesn’t like heels at all, this look is definitely for you.

How to carry a street-style look with a short pleated skirt.

We know everything around you revolves around fashion. But the street style is all about you. There is no need to play a high profile fashionista. You can pair this short pleated with any piece of clothing you want. Creating your own look is a different thing. But the way it is carried makes a considerable impact.

Apart from clothing, there are many factors that make it more attractive, like accessories, footwear, hair jewelry, bags, and more. These things can make and break your street-style. Let’s go through these things one by one. When it comes to accessories, try wearing a fine and delicate one. These kinds of jewelry are in fashion right now. It doesn’t hide your outfit but enhances the whole look. We have already given you ideas about footwear. But always wearing new footwear is too much. In this case, play neutral. Buy two or three types of footwear. That will go on every kind of look. The primary key is to buy subtle colors of shoes. It is next to impossible for a girl to roam without a bag. That bag might be any kind of. You can carry any type of bag. In case you do not have a wide range of handbags.

At least buy a brown, black and grey color bag. This color of bags will suit every kind of a pleated short skirt outfit. Hair plays an important role. A short pleated skirt is an effortless piece of clothing. At the end of the day, it is just a skirt. Out of that, you have to style it to make a street fashion outfit. Do not refrain from doing different hairstyles. To enhance the beauty of your hair, you can wear hair accessories. We hope these factors will help you to meet your intentions.

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