4 Ways To Prepare For Divorce

Divorce is a difficult time for everyone involved. And preparing for it isn’t easy either. You have to consider how the division of assets will work, how you will provide for your children, and what your life would be like without your spouse. It may even be very emotional and stressful, especially if it was unexpected.

There are so many things that go into preparing to get divorced. In this article, you’ll learn some of the steps you should take before getting divorced to make the process easier.

  1. Find A Lawyer 

A family lawyer like Sima Najma can be an invaluable resource for dealing with issues related to custody, property division and spousal support. They can also help you cut through complicated legal documents like wills, trusts and prenuptial agreements.

The first step in finding a family lawyer is to ask around for recommendations from friends, co-workers or neighbors who may have gone through the process. Next, you can find out if your employer offers any free services by going through the employee handbook that outlines all the benefits offered.

If your employer can’t offer you help, use online resources such as directories to research different firms until you settle on someone you feel comfortable working closely with.

  1. Create A Budget And List Of Creditors 

List all your creditors and the monthly payment you make to each. You can use a finance program like Quicken or Microsoft Money because they’ll help you calculate your new payment faster.

When calculating how much money should go towards paying off debt, let is not be more than 33% of your income. If there are joint accounts between you and your spouse on credit cards, mortgages and loans, split them equally.

  1. Save As Much Money As Possible For Living Expenses

Gather all your monthly expenses and add up how much you spend on each. This includes rent, car payments, gas, groceries, electricity bill etc. If there are any recurring costs like gym memberships or Netflix subscriptions you must account for separately, find ways of cutting them down.

Figure out which items can be reduced if necessary or eliminated entirely from the budget when living alone. For example would it make sense to get rid of cable TV? Would it make sense to move outside of a city with higher property taxes if this means keeping housing affordable? That way, you’ll start your life on a clean slate and move forward with the post-divorce life that you want for yourself.

  1. Get Emotional Support

Have a trusted friend or family member who can listen to you, take your calls and help through the difficult days. Sometimes just having someone else there for you is enough to keep you feeling safe in what could have been an otherwise lonely state of mind.

You may want to join a divorce support group where others are going through similar experiences as yours to get more advice on how to cope. Visiting a therapist can also help you to quickly recover and manage your condition with less stress.

The Bottom Line

Divorce is a difficult process that requires proper preparation. So, it’s important to prepare for it to lessen the stress that comes with it. These tips can help you be better prepared for it.