Comparing Chat Applications Encryption, Privacy and Safe Usage

Online communication is quite common in modern society, and it is an important business tool. Almost everybody participates in some form of online computer-mediated communication (CMC) from e-mails, chat applications, discussion groups, blogs, message boards, video chat, instant messaging, and instant messages. It allows for real-time communication between a single individual or a group of personalities. Unlike the conventional system of mail or mailboxes, CMCs have changed the paradigm of how people communicate. They allow us to “talk” to each other even when separated by continents and time zones.

The history of this technological revolution can seem convoluted. In the early years of the Internet, people used IMs (Internet Message Service) to chat, form conversations, and exchange information. Video chat and instant messaging are older forms of CMC. Nowadays, IM and Instant messaging are the most popular online services.

Instant Messaging (IM) was introduced to the public in the late ’90s and quickly replaced chat rooms by gaining popularity, as more people took to using the service for personal purposes.

Instant Messaging has become so popular in recent years that it allows users to interact with each other in a highly customized environment. Using applications such as this, the user can display their name, e-mail, contact details, website, and photo album all within the same application. Business communication over the Internet boomed.

Another advantage of online communication tools like Instant Messengers is that they offer one-to-one communication, often down to individual levels. Many companies have chosen to build their business online through web chat applications to communicate internally and provide outside help and information. This key advantage is an asynchronous discussion system.

Asynchronous discussion systems allow individuals to communicate in real-time without speaking one to one over long distances or from afar. It works best when the people participating in the online chat are in real-time. The system uses a technique called encodement, which ensures that the messages sent are of the right quality and format. In addition, all of the messages are encrypted to prevent anyone else from reading them.

Still—learning the differences of chat applications encryption, privacy, and safe usage of various chat applications would suffice in the future. Thus, see the infographic below to learn more about the importance of mobile compliance, such as archiving of text messages, recording of phone calls, and WhatsApp call monitoring: