Craniocerebral injuries: first aid

According to Erste-Hilfe Kurs Führerschein among all brain injuries, concussion ranks first. And it occurs more often in women. Although, perhaps, they seek professional help more often than men.

It would seem that our brain is little threatened, because it is protected, as no other organ. It is washed by a special fluid, which not only provides the brain with additional nutrition but also serves as a kind of shock absorber. The brain is covered by several membranes. After all, it is securely “hidden” in the skull. Nevertheless, head injuries very often end up in serious brain problems for a person.

What to do?

Erste Hilfe sehtest teaches that when a concussion is suspected, the following should be done:

  1. First, you need to provide the person with complete rest, lay him on a bed in a quiet, darkened room. It is better to raise the head slightly. It is very useful to apply cold compresses to the head. It is not recommended to drink a lot if there is a concussion.
  2. If the person is thirsty, make him sweet tea. Alcohol is strictly contraindicated!
  3. Be sure to call a doctor, because it is possible that the brain damage is more severe than it seems at first glance. If the patient is in shock, keep a close eye on his breathing and blood pressure until the ambulance arrives. In emergencies, begin CPR and indirect heart massage.

Patients with a concussion should be on bed rest for at least a few days. Do not read, listen to loud music, or watch television. It is necessary to follow all the doctor’s instructions and carefully take the medications prescribed by him. In cases of concussion, the general condition of victims usually normalizes within the first or, more rarely, the second week after the injury.