6 Amazing Beaches of Semarang

Semarang is one of the areas that has a variety of natural attractions that are very charming. Most of the natural attractions in Semarang are beaches with amazing beauty. However, the beaches in the capital of Central Java province are not the same as those in other areas because each region has its specialties.

The beaches in Semarang have a special characteristic, having an average beach length of more than 104 km. This is quite long when compared to beaches in other areas. In addition, several beaches in Semarang are also surrounded by mangrove forest areas.

Most people certainly like nature tourism on beaches because beaches create various atmospheres that everyone wants to feel when tired from a week of activities. From the shady atmosphere, romantic to calming, all can be felt when visiting the beach. If you are still confused about which beach tourist destinations you want to visit, then here are the beach tourist destinations in Semarang that you must visit.

  1. Marina Beach

Marina Beach is one of the beaches in Semarang is located on Jl Yos Sudarso, Tawangsari. This beach is quite exotic because the atmosphere around the beach is not too many trees, so it is hot. However, many tourists take advantage of this place to sunbathe. Mainly when before 10 o’clock the sun still contains many vitamins that are good for nourishing the skin.

If you visit this beach, don’t miss the time of sunrise and sunset. Many tourists visit this beach specifically to enjoy the moment. The golden yellow color is very beautiful to be used as a photo spot. In addition, many inns can make you calm around this beach even if you are on vacation for more than one night.

  1. Morosari Sayung Beach, Demak

This tourist spot in Semarang is located in Bedono Village. This beach is top-rated because it has very beautiful natural scenery, and also the conditions around the beach are filled with very beautiful small coral reefs. Moreover, a tunnel divides this beach, so it is often used as a photo spot by tourists.

Another interesting thing about this beach is its location is very close to the tomb of Sheikh Abdullah Mudzakir, the great cleric of Semarang. Around the coast can also be found a lot of mangrove forest area is also used as a place of conservation.

  1. Ngebum Kendal Beach

This beach is located in Mojorejo Village, very close to the city center of Semarang. It may only take about 30 minutes to travel. This beach has a charm that is still very natural because not too many tourists know this beach, even though the scenery that this beach has is very charming. Moreover, it is very close to the pier. Around the beach, there are also many shady trees so that the atmosphere becomes shady and calming.

  1. Empu Rancak Beach, Jepara

Empu Rancak Beach, Jepara is one of the tourist destinations close to the center of the Jepara crowd, which is more precisely in Karanggondang Village. The waves owned by this beach are very beautiful with very clear beach water. Around the shoreline, there are also many broken rock fragments which, although beautiful, can still harm your feet. Therefore, please always be careful, especially when not using footwear.

The officer who manages this beach also provides various interesting facilities that can be enjoyed, one of which is a seat with a tent that has many different colors. The place can be used for rest or a beautiful photo spot.

  1. Baruna Beach

Baruna Beach has different features from other beaches in Semarang because you can find grass fields that are very green and beautiful. Even this beach is often used as a photoshoot because the scenery is also very exotic.

Many tourists use this place as a place for cycling, and this is because this beach is vast and has a very smooth trajectory. So, it is also used by the officers to provide bicycle rental.

  1. Maron Beach

Maron Beach is one of the tourist destinations in Semarang that has a lot of charm of beauty. Not only is the water clear and the waves are cheerful, but a very great mangrove forest area also surrounds this beach. In addition, several other facilities are very interesting to experience, namely the cultivation of marine ponds and bridges whose composition is an arrangement of rocks.

Aquaculture has become an important attraction because it can bring in a lot of tourists. People often deliberately visit this beach just to see the existence of the pond cultivation. There they can learn about the growth process of marine fish and how to take care of them to grow big.

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