6 Beaches in Batam That Are Unbelievably Beautiful!

Marine tourism is one of the mainstay tours on Batam Island. Here you can find many beautiful beaches to spend time on, either alone, with family or friends. Playing on the beach is one of the mainstay activities that you can do when traveling here.

Below are seven beach recommendations that you can visit national park attractions while in Batam.

  1. Marina Beach

Located in the Marina WaterFront City area, Sekupang, this beach is one of the favorite destinations for Batam residents to enjoy white sandy beaches. Marina WaterFront City is an elite area with luxury resorts, but the general public can really enjoy the beauty of this beach. The entrance fee is also very affordable, only IDR. 6,000/person.

  1. Nongsa Beach

If you are in Batam, you need to look at this beach. The atmosphere of Nongsa Beach is really fun, you know. The sand is white, the waves are calm, and the sea water is a clear blue. To be satisfied playing on this beach for a long time, you can at the same time stay at a resort in the beach area.

From this beach, you can also see the sparkling city lights of Singapore. The distance is not too far. Therefore, it is not surprising that this beach is also a favorite for Singaporeans while traveling to Batam.

  1. Tanjung Pinggir Beach

This beach in Sekupang also offers views of Singapore’s tall buildings from a distance. In addition, Tanjung Pinggir Beach also has its peculiarities. This beach has clean brownish sand. There are lots of trees around it, which makes the atmosphere cooler.

Not only that, in the beach area you can find a large garden that is suitable as a place to relax. Well, if it’s receding, there are lots of rocks on the beach. You can do various activities, such as fishing and even camping in the Tanjung Pinggir Beach area.

  1. Elyora Beach

If you want to enjoy Elyora Beach, you have to pass the six Barelang Bridges, Batam icons. This beach is located on Galang Baru Island. The journey from Batam city to reach Elyora Beach is about 60 minutes by car.

Elyora Beach has become a new tourist attraction for Batam residents. This beach is still very clean with white sand. The entry fee is affordable, IDR. 10,000/ person. You can relax in the gazebo in the beach area and take pictures at various instagenic spots.

  1. Putri Tegar Beach

Still on Galang Baru Island, besides Elyora Beach, you can also visit Tegar Putri Beach, which is no less beautiful. The beach, which just opened in 2016, still looks natural, with many large trees along the beach.

Tegar Putri Beach has white sand with calm and gentle waves. This beach is very suitable for swimming activities.

Although classified as a new tourist area, Tegar Putri Beach already has various supporting facilities, such as gazebos, toilets, bathrooms, prayer rooms, food stalls, and others.

  1. Setokok Beach

Setokok Beach is located on Rempang Island. So, if you want to visit it, you need to cross the three Barelang bridge first, yes. Setokok Beach is suitable to visit in the afternoon to see the sunset panorama. And come when the water recedes so that the beauty of the white sand dune is more evident in front of you.

You can do various activities at Setokok Beach, where the sea water is calm. You can do water sports, such as swimming, banana boating, and canoeing.

One thing that is also fun when visiting Setokok Beach is the travel experience. Before arriving at the beach, you will pass a winding journey with a stunning view of green hills.

So, where, here, is your favorite beach in Batam? Just visit all the beaches if you have a lot of free time while you are there!

Vacation is more than just the accommodation, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Batam by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.