An Epic Guide to Help You Choose Nose Rings According to Your Face Shape

Nose rings have always been an integral part of a women’s ensemble, and they continue to remain so for all the right reasons. As a nose ring remains the closest to your face, choosing the one that best complements your facial features becomes essential. If you were randomly picking stylish nose pins for women to date, now is the time to change this method. To help women get the best nose pin based on their face shape, we’ve put together the only guide you’ll ever need. So if you’re ready to explore ideal nose pin options depending on your face shape, read ahead.

Half Hoop Nose Rings

Have a round or bulky face? If yes, you should always have a half hoop nose ring in your jewelry box. This arch-shaped nose ring makes your face look slimmer as the vertical highlights beautifully balance out the chubby face. The best part of these nose rings is they also highlight and accentuate your make-up in a subtle yet gorgeous way. If you love wearing ethnic dresses frequently, these trinkets can be your best purchase ever.

Dainty Nose Studs

Similar to finding numerous finger ring designs for girls with slim fingers, it is easier to find nose rings for girls with a small or thin face and nose. Since the face is already small, you wouldn’t want to put something big, like the big beaded hoops. You should keep things simple and subdued with exquisite small nose studs. Irrespective of the outfit you wear, a small crystal ball, drop, or stud will look perfect. Small nose studs look stunningly gorgeous on women with a small face, so make sure you have a few beautiful nose studs in your jewelry kit.

Indian Nathani

If you have a sharp or pointed nose, you should look for the uber-traditional Indian nathani. Resembling a cashew nut shape, Indian nathani’s are a notch higher in terms of spunk. Though the large-sized nathani are ideal for pairing with traditional outfits, you can look for smaller ones for regular wear. Nathani is small-in-diameter and primarily made using precious jewels, like- pearls, beads, etc. Depending on the price range, you can also find them adorned with diamonds, ruby, emerald, pearl, and other precious gemstones. Women with heart-shaped faces should also consider wearing opulent Indian nathani. 

Giant Stone Studs

Girls with strong cheekbones and a large nose often find it challenging to find that “one” nose pin that can up their glamour quotient. If it sounds exactly like you, it’s time you get big stone studs for yourself. Giant stone studs are similar to statement solitaire pieces and act as the contemporary counterpart of traditional nose pins. You can find giant stone studs in various jewel options.  

Beaded Hoops

Perfect for women with a long face, the beaded hoops nose pins are a must-have in your accessory kit. These nose pins look elegant yet stylish, giving you an edgy look with no extra effort. Beaded hoops are comparatively heavier, and they perfectly balance the narrow chin and broad forehead, giving you an eye-catchy look.

Now that you know what type of nose pin goes on a variety of facial features, finding the best for yourself should not be difficult.