Attractive Benefits Provided by Professional Voice Over Services

Giving Special Offer

First, Voquent can offer a subtitle translation service per minute, or if the video is not worded dense, you will get a subtitle translation service offer per word. The experienced Voquent Network can also provide translators for your subtitle needs.

Localization, Not Just Translation

While the most competent translators can provide literal translations into the desired language, Voquent subtitle translators understand that their job is not only to translate but to also “localize” (localize the language). This requires appropriate dialect fluency and the use of culturally relevant idioms.

Video Subtitles

Voquent provides subtitle service for videos. The video subtitles they make use a high-quality and state-of-the-art character generator.

Format and Style Options

Voquent offers subtitle services translated in a standard format and original language subtitles for viewers who only need a video transcription and subtitle service (without translation). Using advanced technology, Voquent can customize the style of your subtitles with a wide selection of fonts, text sizes, and color types, as well as backgrounds, borders, drop shadows, and anti-aliasing. Voquent can also recommend based on specific programming style

Closed Caption (CC)

This is one of the features in the film that includes a text transcript of what the speaker is talking about in a show or video. Its function is different from subtitles. Subtitles are translated text, from one language to another, while the language text available in the closed caption feature is the language used by the speaker. This feature makes your media accessible to the deaf and can be enjoyed without audio.

Closed Caption (CC) will be recommended if:

  • Your media will play on a muted screen (in a public shop or office)
  • You want to make your media more enjoyable for hearing impaired people
  • Subtitle Service only dictates spoken language (dialogue, narration, etc.)
  • Insufficient subtitles for viewers who cannot access audio.

Subtitles will be recommended if:

  • You want your media to compete as entertainment products in foreign markets
  • Your audience is divided between those who speak the media’s native language and those who speak the translated language