Challenges Faced By Flight Attendants 

Are you a person who loves traveling? Want to be a flight attendant (อยาก เป็น แอร์ โฮสเตส, which is the term in Thai)? Here are a few challenges that you’ll face when you become a flight attendant. Before knowing the challenges faced by the flight attendant, let’s first know who is a flight attendant. 

A flight attendant is a person in the cabin crew who is appointed to take the personal care and responsibilities of the passengers. 

Here Is The List Of A Few Challenges Faced By Flight Attendants In Their Lives:

  • Exhaustive Working Hours 

Flight attendants have an exhaustive working hour as they have to travel every day. And flight Journeys at least 13-14 hours. The flight attendants must be patient and attentive throughout the journey. They need to answer every question asked by the passengers and make sure that their passengers are satisfied with the services. Show a flight attendant must work for longer durations when compared with other professions.

  • Unpredictable Situations

Airplane companies might give a guarantee of safety. But what if there’s a natural calamity? What if there’s a sudden fire. There are situations where flights get hijacked for days together. These kinds of situations are unpredictable and unavoidable. A flight attendant must always be ready and confident to face these situations. They must not be terrified about death.

  • Pressured Situations 

Yes, every profession has a pressured situation but the flight attendant has hard and different situations, and hence it is called a profession with unique pressure. Most of the time flight attendants do face pressurized situations like rude passengers, rude pilots, and team members. During these moments the flight attendant must be as silent and patient as possible.

  • Low Salaries 

There are situations where a flight attendant is paid very low. And when compared with other professions flight attendants do get paid less amount. Working for hours together and getting paid very low is a hard time for flight attendants. 

  • Looks And Appearance 

It is always assumed that flight attendants must be beautiful. But shockingly that’s not true. Flight attendants must look good and it is not a mandatory issue. As long as the flight attendant is confident and has good communication skills beauty doesn’t matter.

  • Leaves 

Being a flight attendant you may not have an option to take sick leaves. Due to the heavy exhaustion of working, you might want sick leave but if there is a risk and you’ll have light if there is a schedule change then your leaves may not be applicable.

So, these are a few challenges faced by flight attendants. Prepare yourself for all these if you are planning to be a flight attendant.