Here’s Why Your Business Might Be Needing A Server

As a business grows, having a server becomes necessary. If you have under 3 employees for your business right now, you are probably good but if that number increases, setting up a server is a good idea. It becomes easier for the employees to access all the information they need to work efficiently with the help of a server. If you are wondering what a server is and how it can benefit you, we might be able to help.

What Is A Server?

In simple terms, a server may be defined as computer hardware or software (program) that shares data, resources, or programs to other computers who are known as clients over a network. Nowadays, servers are often one powerful computer connected to a bunch of less powerful computers over a network. This architecture is known as a server-client model where both the server computer and the client computer possess computing power.

A single server may be used to serve multiple clients and it works the other way round as well. A server might be used to do a single task like accept and store mail or they might be used to perform several different tasks. If 10 employees are working on 10 different computers, they will all have access to the same information and software with a server. With a growing business, servers become a necessity to keep track of all the orders or requests, to protect essential information through the backup, and recovery and to have greater control over the private information of your business. Server installation (ติดตั้ง server, which is the term in Thai) is an extremely easy and fast process and is also an imperative investment.

Benefits Of A Server

·        Reliability

A server can make your business reliable. Without a server, if one interlinked computer crashes, all the systems go down until it is fixed. A server installation protects from these situations as it is equipped to handle these emergencies. The computers stay independent and do not all fail if one system crashes.

·        Security

A server grants network security as you can maintain and supervise who can access how much data.

·        Ease Of Access

With a server, geographical boundaries do not limit the work that can be done. Through a server, information can be accessed and worked on remotely by multiple people so an emergency can be sorted at any hour of the day.

Hopefully, you are now convinced of a server installation for your business.