Exclusive Furniture that you must consider buying for your kitchen

We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the house, where the secret ingredient, love, is added to your delicious food. Now for that, you need to build the right environment in the kitchen, which you can easily do with a few exclusive modern kitchen furniture. Nowadays, this modern kitchen furniture is a must-have that you will see at so many people’s houses, especially new ones.

The modern kitchen furniture you are looking for depends on the kind of modular kitchen you have, like an L-shaped modular, Parallel modular, straight modular or U-shaped modular. We have listed down a few modern kitchen furniture that you can buy for your kitchen depending on the shape of the modular.

  1. Tall glass cabinet for L-shaped modular kitchen – A glass cabinet is one modern kitchen furniture you will find in any L-shaped modular kitchen. Dedicate this entire cabinet for your delicate glass crockery set, plates, bowls and some glasses for when you wish to wine and dine.
  2. Island with an L-shaped modular kitchen – You can use the island in the middle of the kitchen as a breakfast/cooking platform by placing your gas stove on the island and placing an island chimney on top of it. You can place the sink on the L-shaped modular and carry on other kitchen activities like baking in a microwave, or juice maker, right there as well.
  3. Pull-out pantry unit – This modern kitchen furniture is a game changer in terms of space. Keep the platform neat and clean with minimum things on top and place a pull-out pantry unit next to the glass cabinet or the fridge, which every place you find can be accessed easily, and store all your food containers, from spices to snacks, everything in the pantry. You can also save more space by installing push-to-open doors for your pantry.
  4. Drainboard on the countertop – This modern kitchen furniture is more like a hack for all the water dripping from your washed utensils leading to awkward slips on the kitchen floor. You can cut little grooves on your countertop right next to the sink so that whenever you wash and keep your wet plates next to the skin, the water gets collected in the grooves and flows right back into the sink; hence no excess cleaning is required after washing your dishes.
  5. Solid surface backsplash behind the stove – Like in any typical Indian household, where oil and spices are the key ingredients of any food dish, cleaning the wall behind the stove post-cooking is a hassle. You can make the cleaning process easier for you by simply installing a solid surface backsplash on the wall behind the stove instead of a tiled wall.
  6. Pull-out garbage drawer with a pull-out cutting board on the top – If you go to see this modern kitchen furniture go hand-in-hand, place the pull-out garbage drawer under the left side of the sink with a pull-out cutting board on top so that way once you are done chopping you can easily push the waste down in the garbage bin.

Following the above-mentioned modern kitchen furniture and hacks, you can now cook delicious meals in a clutter-free and spacious kitchen.