Experience different referral rewards programs across cricket++ and GetMega

Referral rewards in gaming apps act as an incentive that is given to gamers. When the app developer includes a reward, the chances of happy games will spread the popularity of an app amongst other players. To simply put, a referral reward encourages the players to give referrals to their family and friends. In the most seamless terms, players get a small amount of incentive for recommending the game to others who signed in. Different games comprise different referral reward programs. 

In a money-based (or skill-based) online gaming platform, ample ways are there to reward players for the referral. There are in-game coins and currency, but it has risks that a gamer would not appreciate receiving coins. That’s where receiving real money as referral rewards come as a no-brainer. The intriguing gaming platforms (the ones known as ‘games of skills’) offer money-centric referral programs. If you want to enjoy getting rewards to boost your gaming experience, let’s not waste further time and read about the referral programs of Cricket++ and GetMega.

Understanding How Cricket++ Enhances Players’ Experience With Referral Programs

The intriguing and exciting referral reward program offered by Cricket++ gets appreciated amongst loyal fans. Cricket++, being a captivating fantasy cricket game, offers noteworthy gaming perks to online players. And calling it a revolutionary gaming platform is not an exaggeration.

Most importantly, the platform lets you invite your family members and friends to play the games accordingly. With that being stated, Cricket++ delivers a referral code – IHDFANTASY! Through this code, you can send a referral request to each individual you know. And as soon as the concerned people register their names with a valid account on the platform by using your referral code, you get your share of the referral bonus. In this manner, you can refer & win!

Outlining GetMega’s Features of Referring And Earning!

GetMega provides you with an intriguing and attractive referral program. You can get it after inviting your friends. Use the URL and send it to your friends through social media accounts. After your friend(s) registers their name, you can win a real reward and play the game hassle-free. GetMega provides you with Rs 10 on each referral. Nonetheless, you must follow some parameters to get the reward, and they are:

  •  Referral must be in the contact book of the referee
  • Referral must play a single game with the referral through GetMega’s unique video chatting mode

What are the perks of incorporating a referral reward in online games?

Just like Cricket++ and GetMega, other gaming platforms also incorporate a referral reward. But do you know why these app developers incorporate such a feature into their app? Well, the answer comes in one effortless motion, and that is – to augment popularity and increase gamer’s base.

It is ever-exciting to join a pool of gamers in an application only to receive real rewards. Referral bonus not only enhances your gaming experience but also gives you a foundation point to challenge your skills and excel accordingly.

With the correct use of referral programs, you can emerge and rise as a victorious player and give your leaderboard score a notch higher. So, that’s particularly the most important reason why app developers incorporate such an intriguing feature in skill-based mobile games. Take the example of Cricket++ and GetMega, for instance!

Summing up

As stated earlier, different mobile gaming applications bring different kinds of referral programs. But there’s one thing that always stays constant – it acts as a brilliant incentive!