Scavenger hunt applications do seem to be mobile online tools that make treasure hunts or adventures easier to complete. These games can be played on mobile phones and tablets, and they often need players to switch areas. These applications are intended to encourage individuals to engage with several other gamers and their surroundings to create a far more interactive environment.

This list contains the following items:

    • DIY scavenger hunt apps
  • outdoor scavenger hunt apps
  • photo scavenger hunt apps
  • event scavenger hunt apps
  • free scavenger hunt apps

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Apps for scavenger hunts

Here is another list of treasure hunt applications that are appropriate for a different range of groups and events. The above games will completely overhaul your regular remote team-building regimen!


Scavify is among the greatest squad scavenger hunt applications. Gamers can accomplish obstacles by trying to post videos and photos, filling out paperwork, trying to answer multiple-choice, scanning Bar codes, or trying to check in to spots. Group members can play according to their routines for predeļ¬ned amounts of time.


TurfHunt is amongst the most innovative DIY scavenger hunt applications available. The match is a destination-based treasure hunt play that can be fully customized. Gamemasters are using an incredibly simple layout and publishing technique to create questionnaires and coursework. Gamers can participate in the chase by installing the application and trying to enter a unique code. The game requires performers to travel to various regions and provides them with GPS-based difficulties.


TwoDots is indeed a widely known puzzle game with an adventure theme that is known for its beautiful paintings and zen game mechanics. The game’s initial version is single-player, but it includes weekly scoreboards that rank global competitors. If both you and your teammates perform together, you could indeed make comparison scores regularly. The match is however accessible on the Sparcade platform, which also allows players to compete against their coworkers and clients.


Perhaps one of the most simple and direct photo treasure hunt applications is CameraHunt. Gamers have 60 seconds to check and demonstrate quite as many objects as they can. The images were collected with the help of smartphone or tablet cameras. Gamers will not need to take and submit photographs of the items; they only need to display them on the computer monitor. Deep learning is used in the match to differentiate and classify clues, and marks are awarded correspondingly.


Eventzee has been one of the superior event treasure hunt apps. Customers have the opportunity of selecting from pre-made party packs or contacting the Eventzee squad to construct a new match for a specific event. To perform together, attendees wouldn’t need to be at the very same destination, and using the software is quite simple.


Perhaps one of the most basic free scavenger hunts mobile applications is Actionbound. The system began as a teaching resource, but it has since evolved into a vendor of digital scavenger hunts for businesses, academic facilities, and individual people.

Supposed to sign up for a new account is required to be using the program, but the basic plan is free and allows people to create simple hunts. Person-bound designers can create the chase on a personal computer device, as well as file formats such as photographs and videos can be included. To begin the chase, gamers must first install the software and scan a Barcode.